Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen Xers

Episode 9 - Still Throwin' Punches

By Jim Van Nest, Gen X-er

November 22, 2016

Just. No.

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Jeff starts by asking Jay what happened at camp after Tribal. He liked the move, but hated being on the wrong side of the move. Adam chimes in that Jay isn't the only one to be blindsided during this game. And this pretty well starts the Jay, Will and Taylor vs Adam theme of the Tribal Council. Taylor admits to the tribe that he hid two full jars of food and that Adam helped him do it. Adam vehemently denies helping or eating any of the food. While Taylor and Jay have a blast with this, Adam never waivers from the fact that he didn't help or eat any of the food. He admits to not telling people what he knew but not partaking.

But wait, Taylor's not done. He tells everyone that Adam has an advantage in the game. Ken wants to hear from Adam what the advantage is, so Adam tells everyone. No one seems too concerned about it really, until Taylor starts telling them how Adam will be able to rip their loved one visit away from them. The back and forth goes on for a while until finally Adam suggests that if the advantage is that big of a deal, they should just vote him out. Jeff says, "Wow!" At which point, I noticed that it had been several minutes since Jeff had spoken, which is crazy for a Tribal Council.

Anyway, jogged back into the game, Jeff suggests that a Survivor bomb was just dropped on Tribal. David agrees and suggests that admitting their secrets will be the final nail in the coffin for one of them. Jeff does his best to try to tie this into the Millennial vs. Gen X theme. Jessica says that there's no way she would have stolen food and probably none of the Gen Xers would have either. Jay chimes in that he was just as appalled to hear about the food and what Adam and Taylor had done as anyone else. He says that if he were Adam, he would have told everyone. Uh, wait a minute - who just sat there and drained those jars of food right before Tribal??

Adam actually brings this up and Jay acts confused about it. Jeff steps in to say that if Adam should take heat for not telling everyone, that Jay has to own his part, which was eating some of the food. "He just said he would not take food from starving people and then admitted eating it." This Tribal was spiraling downward for Adam really quick, until he made that statement. That one seemed to bring everyone back to reality a little bit. And with all of that out of the way, it's time to vote.


Everyone slowly votes and we are shown none of them. Oooh, it's a secret. About the only thing I'm sure of is that the Jessica thing was either a complete red herring or it was put in as foreshadowing for a different episode. It is very clearly Jay, Taylor and Adam on the line tonight. Jeff comes back with the votes and asks if anyone would like to play their hidden idol. Let's remind everyone that two of the possible votees have idols - Jay and Adam. And, neither of them decides to play theirs.

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