Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen Xers

Episode 9 - Still Throwin' Punches

By Jim Van Nest, Gen X-er

November 22, 2016

Just. No.

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Jay, knowing that he's in trouble, is trying to find a way out of the hole he's in. He goes to Hannah to see where they are. She tells Jay that she felt like she was being carried by his group, which does nothing but make her a really good goat to take to the end. She decided to step out of that and make her own play. To his credit, Jay brightens up and congratulates her and tells her how proud of her he is. Which is a really nice way to pull her contrast to Taylor, who vows revenge against people who voted against him, Jay is trying to reel that person back in. He has some game; I just hope the arrogance that has him sitting on the bottom doesn't do him in. As Jay tries to figure out his next move, Hannah tells us how exciting it is to start playing the game instead of letting it play out around her.

We come back from break on Day 24 and it's time for a Probst Sighting! Today's reward challenge is a beast. The group will be broken into two teams of six. They'll maneuver an obstacle course to retrieve a key. This key will unlock a super heavy box which they'll have to drag under a tight cargo net. Once out of the net, you open the box to pull out five bolos. You will then use them to land on a hugs ladder golf stand (hillbilly golf - for my family). First to land all five bolos wins reward, which is a trip to a resort with all kinds of food and alcohol (except for Will). The tribes will be a school yard pick 'em and when all is said and done, the teams are Captain Chris, Ken, Bret, David, Taylor and Sunday against Jay, Will, Adam, Zeke, Jessica and Captain Hannah.


While they're pretty close through the obstacle course. The cargo net becomes too hard for Hannah's team to maneuver and Taylor hooks all five bolos before Hannah's team get their crate out from under the cargo net. As we head to break, Hannah tells us she chose Jay and Will because she wanted to keep them close to her, but ultimately, she picked a terrible team for this challenge and she hopes it doesn't set her back.

We come back from break as the winners arrive at the resort. There is a ton of eating, which Taylor says he's more prepared for, since he's been sneaking food. And then there's a ton of drinking, most of which is done by Bret. Chris estimates he had eight or nine drinks during the reward. Um, that's a lot for ANY night, much less one where you haven't eaten anything for 24 days. This has potential to be bad. As Bret continues to be the life of the party, Sunday starts breaking down the Gen Xers. She is tight with Bret and Chris, but she doesn't trust David, Ken or Jessica. She tells us that it might be time to start taking out some of their own so she can have a little more control in the game.

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