Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen Xers

Episode 9 - Still Throwin' Punches

By Jim Van Nest, Gen X-er

November 22, 2016

Just. No.

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Hmmm...interesting! First vote: Jay. Taylor. Adam. Then Jay. Taylor. Jay. Taylor. Looks like Adam's off the hook. Jay. Taylor. And now we're tied 4-4, with one for Adam. Three votes left. And they all come up...Taylor. He becomes the second member of the jury. So, when all was said and done, it was seven for Taylor, four for Jay and one for Adam. I'm interested to see how the votes were split up. The plan was to do a 5-4 split. Does that mean that two of the new three amigos turned on each other? Jay and Will turned on Taylor, I guess? I don't know...I guess I'll wait out the commercials and see what the votes looked like.

Next time on Survivor: the Gen Xers start to fall apart from within. We see David talking about going after Chris, we hear Chris talking about going after Jessica. Sitting in the middle of all of this is Zeke, who gets a little info thrown his way from Will - Jay had an idol. Will tells us he doesn't want to tell too many people. We then see Zeke telling David, David telling Chris and Chris telling Bret. We also see David telling Hannah, so EVERYone will know that Jay has an idol next week. Which can only mean that a Gen Xer is going home. Should be exciting to see who it will be.

Okay, let's get to those votes. I was right, Jay and Will both voted for one of their own. Jay voted for Taylor and Will voted for Jay; meanwhile Taylor cast his vote for Adam. Overall, it looks like the split didn't go down the way they planned as only three people voted for Jay, but ultimately, I'm sure no one cares and it won't be discussed. I'm just obsessing over something that doesn't really matter. It happens. Please be sure to come back and join me next week for a double helping of Survivor as next Wednesday's pre-Thanksgiving episode will be super-sized up to two hours!!! So we should see two people going home next week, woo hoo!!! 'Til then, take care!

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