Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen Xers

Episode 9 - Still Throwin' Punches

By Jim Van Nest, Gen X-er

November 22, 2016

Just. No.

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Back at camp, Jay and Adam head down to the water, bummed about losing the challenge. Jay is still scrambling and wants to see where Adam is. Adam explains to Jay that his move was pure self-preservation. He knew he was caught and that votes were coming to him. So he could either flip with Gen X or go home, and that's no choice. Very logical and understandable argument. He tries to explain to Jay that Taylor is the reason their alliance is on the bottom. Jay seems surprised to hear that he's on the bottom, though I don't understand how that can surprise him. He was on the wrong side of a 9-4 vote. How could he be anything but on the bottom??

He tells us that Adam was "rubbing his face in it"...but really he wasn't. He was simply stating the facts and when Jay seemed surprised, Adam pointed out the hard truth. Not really rubbing his face in it, I don't think. However, if Jay took it that way, perception is most of the time reality in Survivor. So, Jay is now out to get off the bottom and get Adam out of the game. Jay tells Will about this conversation, with Hannah and Zeke also there. They both confirm that they're not all that stoked about working with Adam. Zeke tells us that Adam was so dumb to have had that conversation because that kind of thing makes people vote for you.

As the sun rises on Day 25, we find most everyone sitting around the fire. Sunday and Bret start to talk about how they both want Jessica out. She wants to use Jay in her plan here, so she asks Jay who he would want to vote out. He gives the perfect answer, "I'll write down whoever you say." She tells Jay that she is going to push for Jessica as the vote tonight. He tells her that he'll make sure he and his folks vote Jessica tonight, unless he hears something different. And with that, it's time for another...


Probst Sighting!! Today's challenge is another "test of wills" challenge. Each person will stand on a narrow inclined beam while holding a bow shaped object. On that bow will be balanced a ball. If you fall off the perch or drop your ball, you are out. At regular intervals, they will move down the perch to narrower boards. Last person still balancing their ball wins immunity and will be safe from the vote tonight. Let's draw for spots!

But wait - Jeff is offering a choice. If you feel safe enough, you can sit out of this challenge and feast on grilled ham and cheese sandwiches, potato chips and beer or soft drinks. When all is said and done, Zeke and Will are the only ones who choose to eat over participating in the challenge.

As the challenge begins, Will tells us that he knows he had no chance of winning, so he decided to skip it and eat, rather than participate, lose and get nothing. I would have thought a few more people would have felt the same way about this. The only reason to stay in is if you absolutely HAVE to have immunity or you feel like the challenge is one that you can win.

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