The Amazing Race Season 28 Recap - Episode 3

Bros Being Jocks

By Kim Hollis and David Mumpower

March 1, 2016

Nice guys finish second to last.

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Previously on The Amazing Race, teams rushed to Columbia. After some airport shenanigans (wherein we learned that Darius & Cameron don’t have a sense of urgency), teams went mud diving in a volcano and either built a pop-up party location or cooked some chicken. In the end, Marty & Hagen just weren’t able to overcome the also lagging Darius & Cameron, and the flight attendant and her daughter were eliminated from the Race.

We’re back in Cartagena, Columbia, where Tyler & Korey will be first to depart at 10:05 a.m. Their clue directs them to make their way on foot to Plaza San Diego for yet another clue. The guys take a moment to emphasize that they are nothing more than friends, although apparently Tyler did have a crush on Korey at one point. Korey makes a joke that Tyler’s attraction to him ended when he got to know more of his personality, to which Tyler says, “Your words.” These guys are easily the most fun team on the Race. We laugh nearly every time they’re on screen – and we don’t mean that sarcastically!

Brodie & Kurt are about 10 minutes behind them (and we wonder what Tyler thinks of their personalities!), while Burnie & Ashley are third to depart (just six minutes behind the Frisbee dudes) All three teams are now headed to the plaza, where the next clue instructs them to head on to Castillo San Felipe de Barajas, a fortress with claustrophobic catacombs. Teams will need to search the location for yet another clue.

There is a bit of separation from third to fourth place, as Dana & Matt are a half hour behind team Rooster Teeth, and Dana hasn’t stopped telling Matt all the things he’s doing wrong. During the previous episode, she mentioned that she’s been waiting for him to propose to her… for a while. If this is what their day-to-day looks like, his hesitation is understandable.


Tyler & Korey easily make it to the fortress and find their clue quickly. They’ll now participate in a Detour. For their first option, they’ll board a local bus and play the role of conductor, using all their charm and persuasive ability to collect 20,000 pesos. Given the fact that all of these people are at least minor celebrities, this task promises to be entertaining and perhaps not at all difficult.

The other choice is Tejo, a game that combines a metal disc, gunpowder and a clay target. Basically, you throw the discs at the target, where they explode with noise thanks to the gunpowder contained in the target. Tyler & Korey choose this option (although we think they’d have effortlessly collected 20,000 pesos on the bus challenge), as do Brodie & Kurt. Tyler realizes that the Frisbee dudes basically make a living by throwing things at targets, and worry that they might fall behind as a result.

It gets worse, because Tyler & Korey’s cab driver is taking them the wrong way, allowing the Frisbee dudes to arrive at the Tejo center first. Sadly, there are no women to appreciate their amazing manliness. They hit their three noisy targets and receive their next clue before Tyler & Korey can even arrive on the scene. Their next clue directs them to Calle San Juan de Dios, where they’ll search for a purse vendor marked with the colors of The Amazing Race.

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