The Amazing Race Season 28 Recap - Episode 3

Bros Being Jocks

By Kim Hollis and David Mumpower

March 1, 2016

Nice guys finish second to last.

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Burnie & Ashley and Matt & Dana both have found the mochila bag vendor, and Ashley and Dana will take on the challenge for their teams. Although Ashley initially has some confusion, she quickly realizes the bags don’t have to be exact matches but rather that the designer has to match. (Generally, similar bags do seem to have similar designers, though.) Tyler struggles a little as he finds a bag that looks like the one he’s carrying; however, the designers are not the same. At least he has read the clue to understand that, because this seems like a challenge that could trip someone up.

Kurt has found his third bag (after announcing that the challenge is hard work), and Tyler is right behind him. When Kurt gets the next clue, he and his Frisbee hawking bro are headed to the Pit Stop at Baluarte de Santiago. They check in as the first team to arrive, which means that they win a trip to Mikonos in Greece.

It’s moments before Tyler & Korey arrive, and Korey points out that every time Tyler has done the Road Block, they’ve finished second, while every time Korey has done it they’ve won the leg. Tyler says, “Surely I’ve won something.” Korey answers, “You won America’s heart.”

Darius & Cameron are playing Tejo, and at this point, we realize we’re just halfway through the show. We guess we’re in for some intrigue? Either that or it’s about to be a very silly half hour of television. And with the brothers finishing up their game, they’ve actually managed to move into seventh place. Score one for intrigue!


The bus challenge might be slow, but the teams that chose this task universally seem to believe that it’s one of the best experiences they’ve had in their entire life. The Clevver girls and Blair & Scott finish pretty nearly at the same time. Zach & Rachel believe they’re finish and run for a taxi, but in the car they realize that Rachel has counted wrong. They’ll have to go back and get more money. “And you’re the CFO of our company,” says Zach. Sheesh.

Ashley finishes the bag challenge while Dana stomps all over some vendor’s merchandise. Needless to say, the woman isn’t impressed with the dancer. When Matt tries to encourage Dana by telling her that Ashley only just found hers, she tells him not to talk to her. How dare he try to be uplifting!

Burnie & Ashley check in as team number three, while Rachel finally discovers her final bag – and without any sort of Godzilla impression! This allows the dancers to come in as team number four, where they dance with the locals. Matt talks about how they need to communicate better and be on the same page, but the expression on Dana’s face clearly says that she views him as the problem.

Jessica and Cole collect bags for their two teams, working together to ensure they stay ahead of the other groups. Jessica notes that yes, it’s a competition, but if you know you’re not going to finish in last place, it behooves you to be nice to other people. She’s absolutely right, too. Cole does eventually send her ahead, but he finds his last bag soon after.

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