The Amazing Race Season 28 Recap - Episode 3

Bros Being Jocks

By Kim Hollis and David Mumpower

March 1, 2016

Nice guys finish second to last.

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All of the other teams have gotten under way, with the last team to leave being Darius & Cameron, who are a hefty two and a half hours behind Tyler & Korey (meaning they’re two hours behind the second/third place teams). This… does not seem to bode well for the brothers, we’re afraid, particularly as they haven’t seemed to have a lot of get up and go in their game.

Although they allowed Brodie & Kurt to jump ahead of them, Tyler & Korey still manage to complete the Tejo task before any other teams arrive. Burnie & Ashley do show up soon afterwards and get started on exploding things.

One of the Clevvr girls, Erin, has serious claustrophobia, so the clue in the catacombs is kind of a problem for them. Fortunately, the clue isn’t terribly hard to find, so the panic is only temporary.

It’s at this point that we realize we really haven’t seen much of Sheri & Cole, but we figure it’s safe to assume they cried during the cab ride to the fortress at the very least. Not for any reason, mind you. It’s just what they do.

Burnie & Ashley have finished the Tejo challenge, while Dana & Matt have just arrived. She’s reminding us of Logan from the previous season of the Race, as when Matt tries to help her with technique, she snipes at him to not tell her what to do.


Zach & Rachel have chosen the bus challenge, and Erin & Joslyn and Scott & Blair join them. Brittany & Jessica and Cole & Sheri choose Tejo.

Brodie & Kurt have finally found the purse vendor and rip into their next clue. It’s a Road Block that asks the question, “Who’s left holding the bag?” Based on the fact that Latin Americans have been crafting beautiful mochila bags for centuries, one team member has to choose a mochila bag and then search the old city area to find two more from the same designer. Kurt takes the challenge for his team and immediately regrets it when he walks up to the second bag vendor. There are a lot of mochila bags.

Dana stops yelling at Matt long enough for them to finish their Tejo game and retrieve their next clue. Darius & Cameron have only just arrived at the fortress and seem to be firmly in last place with no hope of survival other than a non-elimination leg.

We’re back at the mochila bag vendor, where Tyler is taking on the task for his team. Zach & Rachel find themselves in rush hour traffic over at the bus challenge, which is making it difficult to score riders. Eventually, a gentleman says, “You’re the guy from YouTube, right?” and they finally are off to the races. Their new friend takes a selfie with Zach (Rachel complained a little earlier in the episode about always being in the background) and they have some confidence restored.

Blair takes a completely different approach, as she leans out the bus screaming, “Kisses for pesos!” To the shock of no one, a gentleman takes advantage right away. From that point, her enthusiasm easily fills the bus. Amusingly, no one really even asks her for the kiss. She does say she blew kisses to a lot of people. “That’s as far as that needed to go,” says protective daddy Scott.

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