The Amazing Race Season 28 Recap - Episode 3

Bros Being Jocks

By Kim Hollis and David Mumpower

March 1, 2016

Nice guys finish second to last.

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Brittany & Jessica bond with the woman standing with Phil at the Pit Stop, as she tells them that she is Miss Cartagena. They excitedly tell her that they are Miss Florida and Miss Iowa, woo! They’ll be fifth place, while Cole & Sheri are sixth.

Now at the Roadblock, the Clevver girls and the brothers are the only two teams in the old city looking for bags. They note that they haven’t really seen any other teams all day, and wonder about the whereabouts of Blair & Scott and Zach & Rachel. Eventually, the father/daughter team does arrive, but Scott is struggling with the challenge. Details are not his friend. He’s trying to take a bag from an unmarked vendor (the ones they’re supposed to visit have an Amazing Race flag overhead). Obviously, the vendor doesn’t take kindly to this.

Zach & Rachel are stuck in traffic and worrying that it’s starting to get dark.

Scott and Erin try to team together, and Zach & Rachel are absolutely right that the darkness makes the challenge more difficult. With all remaining teams now at the final challenge, it’s quite tense. Darius has found his two bags, and now is looking for the designer. Hm. We don’t remember any of the other teams doing this.

And in fact, right at that moment Erin delivers her bags to the woman who is sitting where the challenge began. Hopefully Darius doesn’t lose a lot of time looking for a phantom designer. He returns to Cameron and tells him that they need to find the vendor, and since we’re at the point where we’re fighting not to be in last place, none of the other teams tell him about his error.


We’re not sure exactly how much time he wastes here, but we do know that Erin & Joslyn and Blair & Scott are able to finish the challenge and check in at the Pit Stop. Zach finds his final bag and is off to pick up Rachel. The only question now is whether Darius figures out his mistake.

Rachel tells Zach that if Darius gets his clue, they’re in a foot race and she can’t beat him. Cameron leans against a wall, demoralized. “I guess we’re last,” he says. He can’t tell his brother what he’s doing wrong, either.

But… there’s hope for the brothers yet, as Zach had presumed that the Pit Stop would be in an area where he heard drumming. He presumed wrong. So, he and Rachel have to run to find the real final location of their check-in.

Darius finally figures out that he just needs to give his bags to the girl sitting 10 feet away from Cameron. It’s a race to the finish, but Zach & Rachel manage to arrive just seconds ahead of the brothers. Darius & Cameron are eliminated from the race. They’re incredibly likable and charismatic, but they’ve struggled a bit with urgency and details throughout the Race so far. Zach & Rachel hang on for another leg. There's some real separation between the top four and the remaining teams, though.

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