Survivor Cambodia: Second Chance - Episode Recap

Episode 13 - Villains Have More Fun

By Jim Van Nest

December 15, 2015


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Hello, good people, and welcome to the penultimate episode of Survivor Cambodia - Second Chance. We are down to seven people and three hours of show time until we crown a champion in what has been a pretty awesome season of Survivor. Last time out we saw the demise of Joey Amazing as his body literally gave out on him, causing him to lose immunity and then his shot at winning the game. Have no fear Joe-ga fans - something tells me he'll be back. He still won't win, but he'll be back.

Anyway to reset for everyone, Jeremy and Kelley still have hidden idols that, as far as we know, no one else knows about. With Joe out of the picture, the door opens for Keith and Spencer to start taking home a bunch of immunity necklaces. Also last week, Kimmi decided to start up an all-girl alliance to take out the big physical threats in the game. I'm sure Monica Padilla is somewhere cursing her out for that.

Last week, Tasha was firmly entrenched with Spencer and Jeremy all the way to the end. While agreeing to the all-girl alliance, she told the guys that she was really with them, and that she was just placating the girls. No matter what alliance she is really with, she wanted to take Joe out of the game. When everything came down, Joe was unanimously voted out. (I don't count Keith's rogue vote for Tasha, he knew the deal, he just didn't want to write down his buddy's name.)


So, for tonight, we have the three guys (Keith, Spencer and Jeremy) vs. the all-girl alliance (Kelley, Kimmi and Abi) with Tasha dead in the middle. It puts her in a good place for this vote and maybe the next, but Tash will need to be very careful with how she plays this and ultimately, which side she chooses. Her fate in the game might well rest on how she votes tonight. For what it's worth, I'm hoping that the title of tonight's episode "Villains Have More Fun" means that we're gonna see Abi's swan song tonight and then the finale can be free of her until the final tribal.

We begin tonight's episode at camp as the tribe returns from the boot of Joey Amazing. Abi tells us that everyone is glad that Joe is finally gone and you can tell she has a serious issue with the guy. Everyone else kind of nods along with her as she says "good riddance," but I get the sense that no one is very happy that he's gone and that they might kinda miss the guy. Kelley points out that now everyone else has a chance to win immunity. Not so fast, Abi. You have no shot at winning immunity. Keith tells us that it was a good time to get rid of Joe and he just wishes he was let in on the plan. As it is, he voted for Tasha, so he feels like he has some work to do. Naturally, Tasha was none too pleased with that turn of events and has her eye on Keith.

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