Survivor Cambodia: Second Chance - Episode Recap

Episode 13 - Villains Have More Fun

By Jim Van Nest

December 15, 2015


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Jeremy is totally down with dumping Abi. He feels the same way Tasha does; plus, it evens the guy to girl ratio again which makes him happy. Tasha is worried that Spencer may not be on board with this plan. Jeremy feels pretty solid that Spencer will back this play when he gets back from reward.

We come back from break and it is day 35 and time for another Probst Sighting! Immunity is back up for grabs. Today's challenge will see the players run out over boats, beams and other obstacles above the water. Once they get to the end, they'll swim out to a buoy to retrieve a key. They'll race back and unlock some puzzle pieces. They'll have to put together a five-piece puzzle - this is the five-piece puzzle from the first episode of Worlds Apart that no one chose to do. While I love an obstacle course, I'm not a huge fan of these courses where feet and beams get wet and become slippery and dangerous.

The first half goes pretty smoothly as Jeremy and Spencer take a big lead. The trip back is much worse as everything and everyone is wet. Spencer takes a huge fall and looks like he busts his face open. He keeps going, so it must not be that bad. Kimmi takes a fall; Keith bites it. The challenge has really come down to Spencer and Jeremy.

Jeremy is the first back to the puzzle. As he starts to work, Tasha is struggling to get her key in the water. Spencer gets back and unlocks his puzzle pieces. As if he had looked at this puzzle during Worlds Apart, paused his TV, traced all the pieces and made his own version of the puzzle to practice for hours at a time, Spencer puts this together in about five seconds and wins immunity!


Normally, we'd be heading to commercial right now, but Tasha is still out in the water. She's really struggling out there. Probst sends out the divers and the medical team. They get out to her and bring her up to the dock. She took in a lot of water and is feeling pretty bad. She has no energy and trouble catching her breath. Dr. Joe checks her out, his main concern being water in her lungs. He determines there is little to no water in her lungs and that she is in no serious danger. She will continue in the game. Other than being shaken up and scared, she is just fine.

She is brought back to the beach and is helped over to the mat by firemen Jeremy and Keith. It was a very nice moment to showcase that even though this is a vicious, cutthroat game, the survival aspect and the human aspect is never far away. So, Tasha gets to the mat, Spencer gets his necklace and Keith breaks it down for us. He, Kelley and Spencer will scoop up Abi and there's your final four. Easy!

As we come back from commercial, the tribe returns to camp and begins to discuss what happened to Tasha. She tells us her body simply gave out on her. She's not the strongest swimmer anyway, and it's even worse in the ocean. But she was just spent. She also tells us that she needs to make sure that Spencer is still on board with her and Jeremy, because she's worried about him.

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