Survivor Cambodia: Second Chance - Episode Recap

Episode 13 - Villains Have More Fun

By Jim Van Nest

December 15, 2015


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Day 33 dawns and the talk is how there are three Hunahpu members still left in the game. Not sure what I mean? Well Jeremy, Kelley and Keith all started off on the same tribe in Blood Vs Water 2. And lookit, here they all are, still together. Hmmmmmm... Also in the final seven are two Brains from Cagayan. Only Kimmi and Abi are from seasons prior to 28. Kelley breaks it down, saying at the final seven, she has several options open to her right now, but she's not sure which is the best course of action.

Spencer and Jeremy take a walk on the beach and discuss the fact that they're both feeling like they made a mistake voting out Joe last night. Jeremy calls it "buyer's remorse." They agree that they're in big trouble right now. Spencer tells us that he took out the big challenge threat, but if Tasha ends up sticking with the girls, his game is toast. He says that he and Jeremy need to get with Tasha ASAP and make sure they're still together for the final three. Then they need to reel Kimmi back in to make that magic number of four.

We come back from the opening credits to a Probst Sighting! Today's challenge was last run on Blood vs Water. They'll all be attached to a rope and they'll have to unspool the rope, which is tied around an octagonal wood structure. Once they think they have enough, they'll build a bridge. Once over the bridge, they'll have to throw sandbags at a stack of blocks on a table. Just like at the Fair - all the blocks must be knocked completely off the table to win. Again, this was run in Season 29 and Keith won the challenge.


Reward for today is a trip to the temples of Siem Reap where they will feast and enjoy an authentic Cambodian dance, as well as get blessed by the monks of the temple. They'll spend the night and return to camp in the morning. The challenge begins and Spencer is the first one to unspool his rope and take off. Keith is right behind and then Jeremy, Tasha and Kelley head out. None of them know if they have enough rope or not.

Jeremy gets to the blocks, but doesn't have enough rope to reach them. He has to go back and unspool more rope. Keith is tossing sandbags and has enough rope to get the bags after they're all thrown. Spencer is tossing bags, but once they're all thrown, his rope isn't long enough for him to retrieve them. Meanwhile, Keith has built an insurmountable lead. Just a matter of time now, and Keith wins reward, and it wasn't even close.

Now is the fun part where Keith gets to take someone with him. He chooses Kelley as payback for the family visit. Very smart. Jeff then asks him to choose someone else, and he chooses Spencer. Probst asks him why he chose Spencer, and the logic here is a little messed up. But that's what happens when you're asking Keith Nale to think and strategize and speak all at the same time. He says it's because Spencer didn't get to hang with his girlfriend in the last challenge. The best part of the whole deal was that he completely forgets Tasha's name as he's talking about her. "If that sounds logical, yay for me. If not, just throw it out the hat." Um, YEAH! As we head to break, Tasha tells us that it bothers her that Keith couldn't remember her name. Kelley tells us that she's hoping to use this reward as a chance to build an actual alliance out there.

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