Survivor Cambodia: Second Chance - Episode Recap

Episode 13 - Villains Have More Fun

By Jim Van Nest

December 15, 2015


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After the break, we start at camp. Everyone really wishes they could have had that reward. Tasha and Abi start talking about Keith as someone who has to go. Kimmi agrees with this plan. Jeremy is very quiet through all this. Tasha asks him if he's down for that and he's slow to answer. She suggests that he's still worried about the talk of the all-girl alliance. He says it's not that and he tells us that he's really wishing they'd kept Joe in the game and voted our Abi last night. Yeah? So is America.

The girls all feel strongly that Keith has to go, and Tasha tells us that she thinks Jeremy is just worried about the girls. She says that sometimes you should just sit back and let someone else handle things for a while. She feels like now is the time for Jeremy to let her make the moves here.

Finally, we join the folks on the reward as they enter the temples. These are the same temples they walked through to begin the game, but this time, they get to hang out. All of them are in awe of what they're seeing right now. The reward starts off with the blessing of the monks of this temple. After the blessing, this group of Cambodian dancers come out and performs an amazing routine.


Once the show is over, it's time for wine and dinner. Dinner time turns into strategy time. Spencer is worried about what Abi is doing back at camp. Kelley isn't worried about Abi at all. She says there's no way Abi would join up with Jeremy and Tasha. Spencer suggests that this would be a great final three and Kelley and Keith agree. Spencer tells us that anytime you're on a reward with this few people left in the game, final three deals get made. He just hasn't decided what final three deal he'll take. Ultimately, he wants to sit with Keith and Abi in the end, but that won't be so easy to make happen.

When talk turns to who should be the next boot, Keith suggests Jeremy. Spencer says he's down for getting rid of Jeremy, but not with the first vote. He thinks Tasha should be first. Kelley is with him on this, and they decide Tasha should go first, then Jeremy. I totally get Spencer's thinking here. Dump Tasha and there's no more girls' alliance talk. What I don't get is why Kelley was so quick to jump on board with this, unless she's just playing the Sandra "anyone but me" game. Spencer tells us that everything is locked down and the plan is going to be great, as long as their fourth person acts and votes rationally. Unfortunately, their fourth person is Abi. Uh oh.

Back at camp, Tasha desperately wants to talk to Jeremy alone, but Abi will not go away. Finally, Tasha asks her if she can have some alone time with Jeremy. Abi starts to do what Abi does and Tasha finally decides to just skip it. Eventually she leaves and Kimmi comes back. The discussion becomes how obnoxious Abi is. Tasha tells us that she thinks Keith is the wrong move and that Abi has to go. She is too volatile to keep in the game with you. She is worried that her whole game could be screwed up because someone looked at Abi wrong that day.

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