Survivor Cambodia: Second Chance - Episode Recap

Episode 13 - Villains Have More Fun

By Jim Van Nest

December 15, 2015


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We join a conversation on the beach where Keith is confirming with Spencer, Kelley and Abi that Tasha is the vote tonight. They confirm that she is, but Keith is still nervous about it. Abi, on the other hand, is not nervous at all. She's all about telling us how great her resume is shaping up to be and how now she's just trying to decide who to take to the end with her. Can you say "Delusional?"

The next conversation we see is the much anticipated Tasha, Jeremy and Spencer pow wow. Tasha tells them that Keith, Kelley and Abi should not be allowed to get to the end of the game. The fans deserve better than that. They deserve "players" in the finale. First off, Wentworth is a player. She's been busting her ass since day one. Second off, everyone was voted in by fans - therefore, anyone in the finals is going to make at least some of the Survivor community happy. Either way though, they all agree on Abi as the boot tonight and cement their Day 39 pact with a fist bump.

Spencer tells us that he's been in control of his own destiny for a bit now and that he appears to be the swing vote tonight. He can go with Tasha, Kimmi and Jeremy and take out the weaker players. Cut to a shot of Kimmi telling Tasha, "There'd better be four Abi votes tonight." Back to Spencer, or he can go with Keith, Abi and Kelley and hope he makes it to the end next to a couple goats. I don't know which way he's going to go, but if it wasn't there already, the Spencer winner's edit is really taking shape now.


Tribal starts with Jeff asking Keith about the reward. Keith and Spencer both rave about how amazing the reward was. Spencer does acknowledge, though, that as great as the reward was, there were still four people back at camp and he was worried about what was going on back there. Jeff now asks Tasha about the immunity challenge. She says she was just overwhelmed out there. She also says that after the adrenaline stopped flowing she was exhausted. She really thought she was drowning. And honestly, she was. She had a little bit left in her, but if they didn't have divers onsite for the challenge, it could have been ugly.

Jeff asks Kimmi if there's been any idol talk. She says that they're all worried about idols. They worry about having a plan and then a backup plan and whether or not "we" have enough votes. I put the "we" in quotes because this begins one of the more bizarre conversations of the season as everyone begins to talk about all the "we's" that are out there.

Jeremy says that you can just sit and watch and pick out four or five "we's" out there. Tasha points out that while maneuvering through all these voting blocs and "we's", you have to keep your eye open for that one "we" that will take you to the end. I feel like she's speaking directly to Spencer. I wonder if anyone there picked up on that. Jeff asks if anyone is feeling confident in their "we" and Keith speaks up that he feels pretty confident. Spencer shakes his head at that, saying that he admires Keith's confidence but he is very nervous about how the vote will go tonight.

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