Survivor Cambodia: Second Chance Recap

Episode 10 - Like Selling Your Soul to the Devil

By Jim Van Nest

November 30, 2015

Too bad.

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Jeremy tells us that he doesn't want Stephen to go. He has two idols in his pocket, and you never know. Jeremy and Spencer have a side conversation where they both dig in on how they want to vote. Spencer doesn't want to budge off Stephen and Jeremy doesn't want to budge off Ciera. As they head to Tribal, Spencer tells us that with him and Jeremy not wanting to give an inch on this one, he has no idea what will happen at Tribal tonight.

Jeff starts off Tribal be asking about the weather. Kelley talks about how being in the water at the challenge was actually warmer than standing out of it. Stephen talks about his stomach issues at the peak of the storm. Jeff brings up the chance to get the new shelter. He asks Ciera and Tasha what they thought about the decision. Ciera makes a plea, if you will, that she was thinking in the best interests of the group. Tasha says she was thinking about who would be selfish. Joe chooses to interject at this point, "If I put up that white rock, I go home tonight. No questions asked." Keith says that he just wanted to take out the golden boy.

Spencer says that Keith shouldn't be in trouble tonight. Stephen says that there are so many clusters out there that he has no idea what will happen tonight. Jeremy agrees that he has no idea, as so many different people are talking. Tasha admits that a lot of people have been talking about Stephen's advantage. Stephen knew he would have this target on his back, but it was worth it. Jeremy agrees that it's a massive target.

Stephen talks about how voting tonight (and every tribal this season) is about what will get people through the next two days. Ciera says that the vote tonight will be exciting no matter what happens as someone doesn't know they're going home. Tasha agrees with Jeff that tonight's vote could be a million dollar mistake for someone who dropped out of the challenge. And it's time to vote. The only vote we see is Abi's vote for Stephen. Jeff goes to tally the votes and then asks about the immunity idol. As we head to commercial break, Jeremy says, "Yeah, Jeff."


We come back as Jeff asks again about the immunity idols. Jeremy gets up and says his decision is about whom he can trust more going forward, "That's for Fishbach." It IS a hidden immunity idol; any vote for Stephen won't count. Jeff reads the votes and the first five are all for Stephen. As they keep coming up he tells Jeremy that he's with him all the way to the end. Vote six is for Ciera. Then Ciera again. Then, two votes for Kimmi. The final vote sends the 10th person home and it is Ciera.

As she takes her torch to Jeff, Jeremy tells Spencer that he would do that same thing for him. So, even though they didn't line up on this vote, they're still together. Fishbach is absolutely stunned at this turn of events. As we see the votes cast, we see that everyone, including Tasha, stuck to the plan and that only Stephen, Jeremy and Kimmi cast votes for Ciera.

So, we have one idol gone and one remaining. We have one of the witches gone, two remaining. We also have one huge advantage left in the game in Stephen's hands. Luckily, we don't have to wait long to see what happens next. As Ciera exits stage right, we go right back to camp after Tribal. Wanna know what happens? Then I guess you'll have to come back for Part 2 of this episode recap...and it should be coming tomorrow. 'Til then, take care!

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