Survivor Cambodia: Second Chance Recap
Episode 10 - Like Selling Your Soul to the Devil
By Jim Van Nest
November 30, 2015

Too bad.

Hello, good people, and welcome to an absolutely stuffed Survivor recap. I'm writing this after Thanksgiving, so the episodes of Survivor are stuffed, the turkey was stuffed, and now I'm stuffed. Since this week is a super double episode of Survivor, I'll be splitting the recap up into two episodes as well. Lord knows I'm wordy enough on one episode. If I ran both of them together, you may never finish reading.

Just to get us all up to date, coming into this episode, the witches’ coven has overseen the ouster of Andrew Savage and Kelly Wiglesworth. Despite living to see another Survivor day, Wentworth, Ciera and Abi are still clearly on the bottom of a 10 person tribe. Tonight, we'll see if they have what it takes to continue to stay alive. Also, in a split second decision, Fishbach won an advantage in the game - a vote stealer. This will allow him to stop one person from voting at Tribal and casting that vote himself. He wisely kept it under wraps while helping engineer Wiglesworth's ouster - but the target on his back gets bigger and bigger as every day passes. With all that in mind, let's get to episode 10, shall we?

So we get back from camp after the Wiglesworth vote and some people want some explanations. Mostly Tasha and Joe. Jeremy goes straight to Tasha, telling her that they couldn't tell her about it and that they are still solid. Tasha says that she understands what happened, but that this is their one chance to pull this on her. If they leave her out of the loop again, it won't be good. Joe asks the group what happened as well. He tells us that he is really angry about how this went down. He also tells us that his biggest ally in the game just went home, so he needs to keep winning immunity as they're all coming for him.

We come back from break as night 24 turns into day 25 and the rain never lets up. Everyone is cooped up under the shelter trying to stay warm. Ciera tells us that the rain is really killing her game. She's still on the bottom, and right when it's time to have some talks and make some moves, they're all stuck under the shelter. Keith tells us that it's really bad, but for a million dollars, he'll last 50 days. We get some shots of his feet, and they are MESSED up. Waterlogged and half frozen, he's a mess. He then tells us that Survivor ain't any kind of fun. As the rain continues to fall, we get our first...

Probst sighting! Jeff talks to everyone for a bit about the weather. Tasha says that everyone is just exhausted and Ciera confirms that this is about as low as it gets. Jeff decides to tell them what the reward is today and allows them to tell him if it's actually worth it. They will be divided into two teams and the winning team will be taken somewhere with a roof (they're all in). They'll have blankets to get warm and a ton of food to eat while watching a Cambodian circus. Everyone agrees it's worth playing for.

Today's challenge is a rough one. Three people will be in knee deep water and Jeff will throw a ball into the middle. The first team to get the ball in their basket gets a point. They will be able to stop each other by any means necessary. First team to three wins reward. The teams stack up like this: Tasha, Joe, Abi, Ciera and Spencer against Jeremy, Wentworth, Kimmi, Keith and Stephen. Jeff points out that the last time they ran this challenge was in Tocantins, and that Stephen scored the winning basket for his team.

The first round pits Joe, Spencer and Ciera against Jeremy, Fishbach and Wentworth. This one goes pretty quickly as Spencer gets a breakaway and misses the shot. Jeremy gets the rebound and scores uncontested. Next round is Kimmi, Keith and Wentworth against Tasha, Abi and Joe. This one is more of a melee, with Joe throwing bodies everywhere. Eventually, Joe gets the ball, takes down Kelley and Kimmi and scores to tie the game.

Round 3 sees Jeremy, Kimmi and Fishbach taking on Joe, Ciera and Spencer. Jeremy gets a break but can't get off a shot. He gets it back and throws up a prayer that misses. Spencer gets the rebound and gets a breakaway of his own and scores the second point for his team. Round 4 and we have Joe, Abi and Tasha taking on Kelley, Kimmi and Jeremy. Joe takes Jeremy down hard and they battle throughout this round. Abi ties up Wentworth, essentially leaving it a battle between Tasha and Kimmi for the ball. Tasha comes up with it and literally drags Kimmi halfway down the court until finally breaking free and Tasha sinks the easy layup. Joe, Tasha, Abi, Spencer and Ciera win reward!

It should be mentioned here that, yes, Joe did participate in every round. And when you have a horse like that, why wouldn't you ride him all the way to the win, right? As we head to break, Ciera tells us how excited she is to finally have a conversation outside the shelter.

We come back from commercials to the winning team showing up for their reward. As kids play in the rain, the Survivors are thrilled to finally be dry. The circus begins, and they all just soak in the experience (and the food) and just really enjoy finally being out of the weather. The locals who've come to watch have touched Ciera, as a couple of the kids are right about her kids' ages and she breaks down a bit missing the family back at home.

After pulling it back together, it's time to start talking game. Ciera suggests that the five on the reward need to pick up Wentworth and dump Stephen and his advantage at the next Tribal. She says they don't need Jeremy, Keith or Kimmi to help with this. Kelley will give them the 6-4 numbers advantage. Everyone jumps on board with this plan except for Tasha. She does not look happy about it at all. Joe tells us that he loves the idea, but he knows he's still public enemy #1, so immunity is as important as ever for him.

We come back to the losing team and it's just miserable. It's raining harder than ever, and they just look completely waterlogged. Kimmi tells us about her son spending time in the hospital with kidney disease and she says if he can endure that, she can certainly endure this. And I have to point out that Kimmi is getting a really positive edit. Not saying she's gonna win, just that they are really portraying her in a good light this season. Talk turns to Joe, and the whole group agrees it's time for Joe to go so someone else can win rewards and immunities. Wentworth tells us that she's on board with the Joe vote as she's been on the bottom for so long, she's glad to not be a target for a minute.

Stephen tells us that he's so glad people finally got on the same page as him and are ready to pull the trigger on Joe. He tells us also that he's in a pretty good position right now, with his advantage, though he acknowledges that as soon as you say something like that, that's when you're really in trouble. Hmmm...foreshadowing?

As night falls, the rain continues. The tribe is as down as ever and Stephen, king of the world in the last segment, is in trouble. He's having stomach issues that keep pulling him out of the shelter to go to the bathroom. He's freezing and soaked and can't stop running to the bathroom. He's a mess. As promised, here's a teary Stephen telling us about how horrible it is right now. He's taken about as much as he can take. Before and after the commercials, as Day 26 dawns, he sobs that he's a mess and that he's can't take much more. He vows, though, that he's not quitting.

The rest of the players are all feeling bad for him. Jeremy tells us that Stephen's feet are messed up as is his stomach. Jeremy says that he really hope Stephen can stay in the game as he needs a person to trust. He tells us that it's wet and cold and that their shelter is just not designed to stand up to this kind of weather. He says if they could just get dry and a break from the weather for a minute, they could be all right. And with that, let's have another...

Probst sighting!! As the tribe comes in, Jeff starts by having everyone take one black rock and one white rock out of a couple bowls. So, there's a decision to be made. What could it be? Today's challenge will see everyone standing on a post on one foot. With a handheld buoy, they will balance a ball on an overhanging piece of wood. Last person left standing wins immunity.

Now let's get to the rocks. Jeff asks Stephen how're they're doing. He says that he is about as low as he's ever been and that it's not getting better. Jeff breaks the news to them that he has a construction crew standing by at their camp. They are going to redo their shelter but it will take five of the 10 people to give up their shot at immunity. If they're willing to do that, they will hold out a white rock. If they want to compete in the challenge, they'll hold out a black rock.

Spencer and Ciera tell us about what a tough decision this is. Are there enough to do it without them? Or could their vote be the one that gives them the better shelter? Jeff asks them to put out their palms with their chosen rock and reveal. Eight of the 10 people hold out the white rock and they will get a new shelter. The two that held the black rock? Joe and Keith. And let's be honest: Ciera, Abi, Stephen, Kimmi - they never had a shot at this challenge. The decision for them had to be easy. Tasha, Jeremy and Spencer are solid - why not get a better shelter, right? And to watch Abi badmouth Joe for not showing a white rock - well, when you're the threat that will go home anytime you lose immunity, you'd probably make the same decision.

And with that said, the challenge is on. Joe, as always, wiggles around a decent amount, but after a few minutes, Keith falters, drops his ball and Joe wins his fourth immunity in a row. As we head to break, Stephen laments Joe's win and suggests that Ciera should now be the vote as she's a very dangerous player and is so focused on the big moves.

We come back from break as the tribe sees their new shelter with a raging fire underneath. The whole mood has been lifted and everyone feels ready to make the last 13 days. Keith tries to explain himself that all he was trying to do was take down the golden boy. Spencer tells us that if Keith is safe, then someone who voted for the shelter will be the one to go home.

Stephen, Kimmi and Jeremy all talk about the vote and decide Ciera is the best option. Stephen tells us that he feels he could work with Kelley and maybe even Abi - but Ciera is a person that needs to be taken out. The reward-winning team and Kelley talk about the vote for Stephen. Joe reiterates that only one person is walking around with an advantage. Ciera is worried about Stephen's advantage, so to safeguard against something crazy, they decide to throw two votes on Kimmi as a backup. Everyone else is voting Stephen.

Tasha still doesn't look crazy about the idea, but seems to be going along seeing that the numbers aren't in her favor. So, she pulls Spencer aside to see what he's thinking. She doesn't like Ciera and the way she sees to be taking a Godfather role out there. She tells him that if they dump Ciera, the other two could be up for grabs. Spencer tells us that she makes a good argument, but Stephen is the biggest threat out there and has to go. Joe, Tasha and Spencer take this suggestion to Jeremy, and he is thrown off, thinking that Ciera is the vote. Tasha and Jeremy throw some questions out there, but Joe and Spencer seem undeterred. They decide that if they blindside Stephen, he'll never use his advantage.

Jeremy tells us that he doesn't want Stephen to go. He has two idols in his pocket, and you never know. Jeremy and Spencer have a side conversation where they both dig in on how they want to vote. Spencer doesn't want to budge off Stephen and Jeremy doesn't want to budge off Ciera. As they head to Tribal, Spencer tells us that with him and Jeremy not wanting to give an inch on this one, he has no idea what will happen at Tribal tonight.

Jeff starts off Tribal be asking about the weather. Kelley talks about how being in the water at the challenge was actually warmer than standing out of it. Stephen talks about his stomach issues at the peak of the storm. Jeff brings up the chance to get the new shelter. He asks Ciera and Tasha what they thought about the decision. Ciera makes a plea, if you will, that she was thinking in the best interests of the group. Tasha says she was thinking about who would be selfish. Joe chooses to interject at this point, "If I put up that white rock, I go home tonight. No questions asked." Keith says that he just wanted to take out the golden boy.

Spencer says that Keith shouldn't be in trouble tonight. Stephen says that there are so many clusters out there that he has no idea what will happen tonight. Jeremy agrees that he has no idea, as so many different people are talking. Tasha admits that a lot of people have been talking about Stephen's advantage. Stephen knew he would have this target on his back, but it was worth it. Jeremy agrees that it's a massive target.

Stephen talks about how voting tonight (and every tribal this season) is about what will get people through the next two days. Ciera says that the vote tonight will be exciting no matter what happens as someone doesn't know they're going home. Tasha agrees with Jeff that tonight's vote could be a million dollar mistake for someone who dropped out of the challenge. And it's time to vote. The only vote we see is Abi's vote for Stephen. Jeff goes to tally the votes and then asks about the immunity idol. As we head to commercial break, Jeremy says, "Yeah, Jeff."

We come back as Jeff asks again about the immunity idols. Jeremy gets up and says his decision is about whom he can trust more going forward, "That's for Fishbach." It IS a hidden immunity idol; any vote for Stephen won't count. Jeff reads the votes and the first five are all for Stephen. As they keep coming up he tells Jeremy that he's with him all the way to the end. Vote six is for Ciera. Then Ciera again. Then, two votes for Kimmi. The final vote sends the 10th person home and it is Ciera.

As she takes her torch to Jeff, Jeremy tells Spencer that he would do that same thing for him. So, even though they didn't line up on this vote, they're still together. Fishbach is absolutely stunned at this turn of events. As we see the votes cast, we see that everyone, including Tasha, stuck to the plan and that only Stephen, Jeremy and Kimmi cast votes for Ciera.

So, we have one idol gone and one remaining. We have one of the witches gone, two remaining. We also have one huge advantage left in the game in Stephen's hands. Luckily, we don't have to wait long to see what happens next. As Ciera exits stage right, we go right back to camp after Tribal. Wanna know what happens? Then I guess you'll have to come back for Part 2 of this episode recap...and it should be coming tomorrow. 'Til then, take care!