Survivor Cambodia: Second Chance Recap

Episode 10 - Like Selling Your Soul to the Devil

By Jim Van Nest

November 30, 2015

Too bad.

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Spencer and Ciera tell us about what a tough decision this is. Are there enough to do it without them? Or could their vote be the one that gives them the better shelter? Jeff asks them to put out their palms with their chosen rock and reveal. Eight of the 10 people hold out the white rock and they will get a new shelter. The two that held the black rock? Joe and Keith. And let's be honest: Ciera, Abi, Stephen, Kimmi - they never had a shot at this challenge. The decision for them had to be easy. Tasha, Jeremy and Spencer are solid - why not get a better shelter, right? And to watch Abi badmouth Joe for not showing a white rock - well, when you're the threat that will go home anytime you lose immunity, you'd probably make the same decision.

And with that said, the challenge is on. Joe, as always, wiggles around a decent amount, but after a few minutes, Keith falters, drops his ball and Joe wins his fourth immunity in a row. As we head to break, Stephen laments Joe's win and suggests that Ciera should now be the vote as she's a very dangerous player and is so focused on the big moves.

We come back from break as the tribe sees their new shelter with a raging fire underneath. The whole mood has been lifted and everyone feels ready to make the last 13 days. Keith tries to explain himself that all he was trying to do was take down the golden boy. Spencer tells us that if Keith is safe, then someone who voted for the shelter will be the one to go home.


Stephen, Kimmi and Jeremy all talk about the vote and decide Ciera is the best option. Stephen tells us that he feels he could work with Kelley and maybe even Abi - but Ciera is a person that needs to be taken out. The reward-winning team and Kelley talk about the vote for Stephen. Joe reiterates that only one person is walking around with an advantage. Ciera is worried about Stephen's advantage, so to safeguard against something crazy, they decide to throw two votes on Kimmi as a backup. Everyone else is voting Stephen.

Tasha still doesn't look crazy about the idea, but seems to be going along seeing that the numbers aren't in her favor. So, she pulls Spencer aside to see what he's thinking. She doesn't like Ciera and the way she sees to be taking a Godfather role out there. She tells him that if they dump Ciera, the other two could be up for grabs. Spencer tells us that she makes a good argument, but Stephen is the biggest threat out there and has to go. Joe, Tasha and Spencer take this suggestion to Jeremy, and he is thrown off, thinking that Ciera is the vote. Tasha and Jeremy throw some questions out there, but Joe and Spencer seem undeterred. They decide that if they blindside Stephen, he'll never use his advantage.

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