Survivor Cambodia: Second Chance Recap

Episode 10 - Like Selling Your Soul to the Devil

By Jim Van Nest

November 30, 2015

Too bad.

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Today's challenge is a rough one. Three people will be in knee deep water and Jeff will throw a ball into the middle. The first team to get the ball in their basket gets a point. They will be able to stop each other by any means necessary. First team to three wins reward. The teams stack up like this: Tasha, Joe, Abi, Ciera and Spencer against Jeremy, Wentworth, Kimmi, Keith and Stephen. Jeff points out that the last time they ran this challenge was in Tocantins, and that Stephen scored the winning basket for his team.

The first round pits Joe, Spencer and Ciera against Jeremy, Fishbach and Wentworth. This one goes pretty quickly as Spencer gets a breakaway and misses the shot. Jeremy gets the rebound and scores uncontested. Next round is Kimmi, Keith and Wentworth against Tasha, Abi and Joe. This one is more of a melee, with Joe throwing bodies everywhere. Eventually, Joe gets the ball, takes down Kelley and Kimmi and scores to tie the game.

Round 3 sees Jeremy, Kimmi and Fishbach taking on Joe, Ciera and Spencer. Jeremy gets a break but can't get off a shot. He gets it back and throws up a prayer that misses. Spencer gets the rebound and gets a breakaway of his own and scores the second point for his team. Round 4 and we have Joe, Abi and Tasha taking on Kelley, Kimmi and Jeremy. Joe takes Jeremy down hard and they battle throughout this round. Abi ties up Wentworth, essentially leaving it a battle between Tasha and Kimmi for the ball. Tasha comes up with it and literally drags Kimmi halfway down the court until finally breaking free and Tasha sinks the easy layup. Joe, Tasha, Abi, Spencer and Ciera win reward!


It should be mentioned here that, yes, Joe did participate in every round. And when you have a horse like that, why wouldn't you ride him all the way to the win, right? As we head to break, Ciera tells us how excited she is to finally have a conversation outside the shelter.

We come back from commercials to the winning team showing up for their reward. As kids play in the rain, the Survivors are thrilled to finally be dry. The circus begins, and they all just soak in the experience (and the food) and just really enjoy finally being out of the weather. The locals who've come to watch have touched Ciera, as a couple of the kids are right about her kids' ages and she breaks down a bit missing the family back at home.

After pulling it back together, it's time to start talking game. Ciera suggests that the five on the reward need to pick up Wentworth and dump Stephen and his advantage at the next Tribal. She says they don't need Jeremy, Keith or Kimmi to help with this. Kelley will give them the 6-4 numbers advantage. Everyone jumps on board with this plan except for Tasha. She does not look happy about it at all. Joe tells us that he loves the idea, but he knows he's still public enemy #1, so immunity is as important as ever for him.

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