Survivor Cambodia: Second Chance Recap

Episode 10 - Like Selling Your Soul to the Devil

By Jim Van Nest

November 30, 2015

Too bad.

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We come back to the losing team and it's just miserable. It's raining harder than ever, and they just look completely waterlogged. Kimmi tells us about her son spending time in the hospital with kidney disease and she says if he can endure that, she can certainly endure this. And I have to point out that Kimmi is getting a really positive edit. Not saying she's gonna win, just that they are really portraying her in a good light this season. Talk turns to Joe, and the whole group agrees it's time for Joe to go so someone else can win rewards and immunities. Wentworth tells us that she's on board with the Joe vote as she's been on the bottom for so long, she's glad to not be a target for a minute.

Stephen tells us that he's so glad people finally got on the same page as him and are ready to pull the trigger on Joe. He tells us also that he's in a pretty good position right now, with his advantage, though he acknowledges that as soon as you say something like that, that's when you're really in trouble. Hmmm...foreshadowing?

As night falls, the rain continues. The tribe is as down as ever and Stephen, king of the world in the last segment, is in trouble. He's having stomach issues that keep pulling him out of the shelter to go to the bathroom. He's freezing and soaked and can't stop running to the bathroom. He's a mess. As promised, here's a teary Stephen telling us about how horrible it is right now. He's taken about as much as he can take. Before and after the commercials, as Day 26 dawns, he sobs that he's a mess and that he's can't take much more. He vows, though, that he's not quitting.


The rest of the players are all feeling bad for him. Jeremy tells us that Stephen's feet are messed up as is his stomach. Jeremy says that he really hope Stephen can stay in the game as he needs a person to trust. He tells us that it's wet and cold and that their shelter is just not designed to stand up to this kind of weather. He says if they could just get dry and a break from the weather for a minute, they could be all right. And with that, let's have another...

Probst sighting!! As the tribe comes in, Jeff starts by having everyone take one black rock and one white rock out of a couple bowls. So, there's a decision to be made. What could it be? Today's challenge will see everyone standing on a post on one foot. With a handheld buoy, they will balance a ball on an overhanging piece of wood. Last person left standing wins immunity.

Now let's get to the rocks. Jeff asks Stephen how're they're doing. He says that he is about as low as he's ever been and that it's not getting better. Jeff breaks the news to them that he has a construction crew standing by at their camp. They are going to redo their shelter but it will take five of the 10 people to give up their shot at immunity. If they're willing to do that, they will hold out a white rock. If they want to compete in the challenge, they'll hold out a black rock.

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