The Amazing Race Season 27 - Episode 7 Recap

Full Speed Ahead, Captain!

By Kim Hollis and David Mumpower

November 9, 2015

This pretty much summarizes their race.

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Previously on The Amazing Race, no one was eliminated again. Stop us if you’ve heard this one before. Also, Denise set back race relations in her area by a lot when she failed mightily in the Parisian hip-hop challenge – and that’s hard to do, because she’s from Alabama.

Now we can continue talking about all the inconsequential stuff that happens on the Race before the inevitable coronation of #TheGreenTeam as champions. We guess it’s theoretically possible that someone else might win, but if you’re not from Texas or not a news anchor by trade, we don’t like your chances in the game.

Tonight’s episode begins with James Earl losing confidence in his mother’s ability to complete the rap challenge. You know that song “Pretty Fly for a White Guy?” Yeah, that’s not her. James Earl begs her to go ahead and agree to switching to the other challenges, but she wants to try rapping two more times before giving up.

Meanwhile, having been checked in as the “winners” of the previous leg (they don’t actually get a prize when they keep having to race), Justin & Diana are off to Rotterdam, but they must go to Gare du Nord Station to board a train for the journey. They strategize in a way we know no one else will. All the teams are currently booked for a 7:22 p.m. departure time, but they’re attempting to move up to an earlier train. And in fact, they are able to leave at 4:19, giving them a significant lead.


It’s Denise & James Earl’s 18th attempt at the rap challenge, and at long last they get it right. Passi (we learned his correct name during the week) gives Denise a hug, and she offers James Earl an apology.

Speaking of apologies, we owe one to Kelsey & Joey, who are also smart enough to get on an earlier train than the assigned 7:22 p.m. departure. They leave at 4:53 p.m., only about a half hour behind #TheGreenTeam

But we do NOT owe an apology to Tanner & Josh, who figure their train doesn’t leave until 7:30, so they might as well take in some of these sights they’ve heard so much about. They note that the Eiffel Tower looks a lot bigger in real life than it does on the postcards. No, really.

#ChacAttack and #TheCheerleaders is on the 5:16 p.m. train. We tease the cheerleaders about being… well, not as smart as their Master’s degrees would indicate, but it’s Cindy & Rick who think that Rotterdam and Amsterdam are the same city. Apparently, Rotterdam is the French word for Amsterdam. Who knew?

It’s at this moment that we remember that #TeamAlabama still hasn’t hit the Pit Stop, and they’re thrilled to realize they’re still in the game. Denise says, “I’m not a quitter.” But she is a loser. There’s a lot of ground for the Agnes and Seymour Skinner mother/son team to make up, so they’re going to have to hope for someone to screw up hopelessly. The good news for them is that there are still three other teams who are highly likely to do just that.

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