The Amazing Race Season 27 - Episode 7 Recap

Full Speed Ahead, Captain!

By Kim Hollis and David Mumpower

November 9, 2015

This pretty much summarizes their race.

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Justin & Diana have boarded the tram in time to watch #TheCheerleaders miss it. Tiffany & Krista will have to wait and board with Tanner & Josh instead. This will put #TheGreenTeam back up in second place.

Cindy & Rick continue to sit and wait for something or other. “The other teams are probably looking for the tram,” Rick says. Ya think?

Arriving at the location of “Ship,” Justin & Diana figure if another team is still at the site, they have a great shot at regaining the top spot. Right on cue, Kelsey & Joey fail the simulation on their first try. And their second try, too.

Although Kelsey & Joey complain that Justin & Diana are better at everything than they are, #TheGreenTeam fails the ship task on the first try because Diana can’t find the distressed ship during the second part of the simulation.

#ChacAttack should come with goofy music at this point. She notes that their waiting for the bus is definitely going to affect their position. In fact, Cindy is downright annoyed with Rick, who seems to have been the Decider for the team. Still, they keep sitting there. We’d say this hasn’t been their best leg except that they’ve had about four legs in a row like this one. It’s an average leg for them.

On their third try, Kelsey & Joey fail yet again. Krista & Tiffany are pretty solid at the double Dutch challenge, but Krista is so tired from the running at the painting task that she loses energy before finishing. They’ll have to go again.

Somehow, Cindy & Rick have finally arrived for the ship challenge, but they’re certainly way behind Tiffany & Krista, who have completed the rope skipping Detour. They’ll now travel by train from Rotterdam to The Hague. The Pit Stop will be at a location known as the Peace Palace. If the cheerleaders win, we won’t know what to believe anymore.


They have competition, because Justin & Diana have finished the “Ship” challenge. All remaining teams are now taking turns on the challenge. Kelsey & Joey finally complete the boat simulation, and will apparently be heading to The Ha-Goo. Really? The Ha-Goo? Have any of you people ever read a book?

Tanner is the worst navigator ever for the boat detour, but Cindy & Rick are right behind them in failing.
Apparently, the ship challenge was closer to the train station than the skip challenge, because Justin & Diana arrive at the train station first. Tiffany & Krista just miss, so #TheGreenTeam is alone as they make their way to the Ha-Goo. They are checked in as the first place team. And the prize is a good one – between the two of them, they have run 31,873 steps, and Fitbit is turning those steps into $31,873. As Justin says, that money will pay for their wedding. It’s one of the biggest prizes we’ve seen the show give away. They also will get 89-minute massages.

It’s a mad sprint between Kelsey & Joey and Tiffany & Krista, but #TheReporters manage to take second. #TeamAlabama and #ThePaparazzi both finish the Detour and are on their way to the Pit Stop.

We are now down to #TeamAlabama and #ChacAttack for the loser position, and Cindy & Rick figure all they can do is hope right now. Hope may not be enough, because Denise & James Earl complete the Detour first.

Tanner & Josh and Logan & Chris get checked in at the Pit Stop, while Cindy & Rick decide to board a train leaving right now with two stops. Denise & James Earl will wait for the direct train…BUT their train is delayed by 10 minutes.

With the delay, #TeamAlabama is pretty sure they’re done with the Race. But wait! Cindy & Rick are here to be really, really terrible at the Race! They’ve boarded a tram that will take them to the beach rather than the Peace Palace. They really have run the perfect bad leg.

The horrendous errors of #ChacAttack mean that they will be the last team to arrive, and mercifully have also been eliminated from the Race. They say that now that they have completed their Amazing Race journey, they’ll begin their next one – starting a family. Imagine their trip to the hospital. Isn’t the YMCA the same thing as the hospital? Good luck, Baby Chac. You’re gonna need it.

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