The Amazing Race Season 27 - Episode 7 Recap

Full Speed Ahead, Captain!

By Kim Hollis and David Mumpower

November 9, 2015

This pretty much summarizes their race.

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At the windmills, the clue card asks, “Who wants to pick the sunflowers?” The Roadblock requires contestants to search amongst the windmills to find the perfect replica of a Van Gogh’s “Sunflowers” painting. Diana and Krista get it wrong on their first try, and Rick isn’t even able to remember the painting enough to pick one out. (Note that Cindy took an opportunity moments before to brag about how detail-oriented she and Rick both are.)

When Rick does come back with a painting, it’s wrong. Krista and Diana’s second try is wrong as well. Joey, on the other hand, gets it on his first try. Next up, they have to subtract the difference in the heart rate they recorded on their Fitbit after the bridge jump and their heart rate right now and pick up that number of tulips to deliver to their next destination.

Rick gets it right, and when Krista gets it on her third attempt, she screeches, “Seven years of college paid off, mom!” Uh. Yeah. Unsurprisingly, Justin is annoyed. Diana has been struggling some on the last couple of legs, but the two of them have mentioned that they discuss their high and low points of each day when they have downtime, so perhaps she’ll be able to learn from it.

After delivering the tulips, like Kelsey & Joey are right at this moment in the leg, teams will next take a water taxi to the Nolet Distillery. They’re followed by #ChacAttack and #TheCheerleaders, while Diana has finally chosen the right painting on the third try.

Remember when we mentioned the shame of American geography teachers? Well, lump the math teachers in there, too. Watching Tanner & Josh try to figure out the difference between 152 and 128 is absolutely painful.


The Detour is a choice between “Ship” or “Skip.” For “Ship,” teams will pilot a ship through Rotterdam’s busy harbor using a simulator. They have to locate two ships in five minutes. If they beat the clock, they will receive their next clue. Note – if anyone has issues with motion sickness, this challenge is going to be a problem for them. There’s a game at Downtown Disney that has a similar video approach and let’s just say that it made one of the writers of this recap very queasy in the past.

The other challenge involves a double Dutch jump rope routine, which looks pretty darned fun. The teams just have to get the routine right in order to move on.

Kelsey & Joey and Cindy & Rick choose “Ship,” and #ChacAttack notes that their clue says to get to their next destination by tram. At this point, they immediately talk about getting a bus. Uh, what?

Not wanting to simply follow the other teams, Krista & Tiffany choose to do “Skip.” Given their dancing and coordination abilities, this seems like a good call, actually.

More teams choose “Ship,” including #TheGreenTeam and #TeamTexas. Cindy & Rick are waiting for a bus. Or calling a taxi. Or something. Basically, they’re doing anything except getting on a tram.

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