The Amazing Race Season 27 - Episode 7 Recap

Full Speed Ahead, Captain!

By Kim Hollis and David Mumpower

November 9, 2015

This pretty much summarizes their race.

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Now in Rotterdam (not Amsterdam), Justin & Diana are getting on a tram to go look for a big red lighthouse boat. Upon arrival, they realize there will be bunching because the location doesn’t open until 5 a.m., but teams will be assigned times. The last group is at 6:30, so #TheGreenTeam is confident knowing there will be an hour between them and the last team to arrive at the boat.

Tanner & Josh have now realized that playing tourist in Paris was pretty dumb. They’re on the 7:22 p.m. train with #ThePaparazzi and #TeamAlabama, meaning that they’re going to have to overcome a pretty significant deficit upon arrival.

Remember how we mentioned that Cindy & Rick think that Rotterdam and Amsterdam are the same city? It looks like this might actually become a problem, because they think they’re supposed to be in the latter city. #TheCheerleaders, on the other hand, get off the train like the advanced degree earners they are, and are seemingly ahead of Kelsey & Joey on the way to the lighthouse boat.

And indeed, when Cindy & Rick show the lighthouse boat picture to a nice gentleman on the train, he informs them that the location is not in Amsterdam, but Rotterdam. “Amsterdam and Rotterdam aren’t the same?” Rick asks incredulously. Remember how we said that there are still three other teams who are likely to screw up hopelessly? We might have our winners (er, losers), folks.

Perhaps nothing sums up the situation more than the look of utter shock on the cheerleaders’ face when they realize that they’ve arrived at the lighthouse boat second. Even they know that something has gone horribly awry.


But wait! Cindy & Rick manage to get off the wrong train and back on the right one, allowing them to pick up the third time at the boat. Sorry, #TeamAlabama!

Kelsey & Joey arrive at the boat and the teams hang around and chat a little bit. Tiffany & Krista say that they thought they were in Germany, which makes #TheReporters goggle. “Where do you think you are right now?” Kelsey asks. The girls have no idea. This is not a strong episode for American geography teachers.

As you might expect Denise & James Earl get the last time for their start. But fiddle-dee-dee. “Tomorrow is another day,” Denise says.

A lot has happened and we really haven’t even gotten to the first clue yet. Teams will proceed to the water taxi at Kop Van Zuid, where they will go by water to the Kinderdijk Windmill Village. Their clue tells them that every step counts – the more steps they take, the higher the stakes. So, their Fitbits will come into play.

#TheGreenTeam bickers all the way to the taxis, mainly because #TheCheerleaders start to catch up to them and they’re presumably annoyed to be followed that closely by such a terrible team. Then again, they do arrive at the water taxis in third because of their argument, but the arguing isn’t helping them any.

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