Survivor Cambodia: Second Chance Recap

Episode 5: A Snake in the Grass

By Jim Van Nest

October 26, 2015

Wait, who are you again?

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Hello, good people, and welcome back to Survivor Cambodia: Second Chance. So far, much to my chagrin, this season has centered on a very small group of people. At the center of this group is the uber-annoying Abi-Maria. She has wreaked havoc over this island and this game and has been rewarded for her terrible play by going to every single Tribal Council so far this season. In fact, by my count, eight people (out of the original cast of 20) have yet to have their torches lit at Tribal. That's how much this season has been centered on the same frickin' people.

Last week, Abi flipped on her biggest ally, Jeff Varner and made him the fourth person voted out of the game. However, if you look past the headline, you'd see that Tasha is the one running the show at the inept Angkor tribe. We have little to no knowledge of what's going on at the other tribes, because their screen time is limited to challenges and a couple minutes of screen time to break the monotony of Angkor.

At Bayon, Spencer is trying to make friends and has latched on to Jeremy. Jeremy is willing to take all comers as long as they can get him farther in the game. At Ta Keo, Kass' off-season read of "How to Win Friends and Influence People" seems to be paying off, as she is making birthday presents for Kelley Wentworth and flirting with Joey Amazing.


The previews this week did very little to tell us what's happening, but it did show that the episode title (A Snake in the Grass) comes from a comment Kimmi makes about another woman on the show. So, unless there's a tribe shake up - she's talking about either Monica or Wiglesworth. Hmmmm...if this week plays out like all the others, we should get the answer to that question rather soon when we get our two minutes of Bayon time before focusing all the time on Angkor and whether or not they'll finally cut the anchor of the Angkor. And with that, let's get to it!

As you would expect, we begin the show at Angkor after Tribal. Woo is thanking everyone for keeping him over Varner. He tells us that he's really stoked to still be there but he's tired of going to Tribal every time and they have to win some challenges. Tasha and Savage get some alone time to pat themselves on the back a little for turning the 4-2 deficit into a 2-2 tie with both of the other people vying to be their #3.

Day 12 dawns over at Bayon and the girls are out in the water catching some food. Apparently, they do this all the time. They get crabs and clams and bring them back for meals. Monica feels it's a girls' bonding thing. Kimmi just wants to eat. On cue, Kimmi finds a group of giant clams and an argument ensues. Monica feels that they're depleting the ocean of all the clams and Kimmi feels like she wants to have breakfast.

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