Survivor Cambodia: Second Chance Recap

Episode 5: A Snake in the Grass

By Jim Van Nest

October 26, 2015

Wait, who are you again?

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We come back from commercial to the celebration at Ta Keo. Terry tells us about how amazing life is at Ta Keo now with some wins under their belt. They have plenty to eat and drink. They have a plentiful ocean to catch more food and now they have all the comfort items. He says it's more like a tropical camping trip than Survivor. They decide to go catch some fish to be cooked with some of the juice they now have, so Terry heads out to the water. While he fishes, the rest of the tribe starts talking about the rest of the game. Ciera suggests that what is really needed is a solid five and they can run the game to the end. Everyone agrees, but Joe is still a little worried. He tells them that everyone targeted him last time he played and he's worried about it happening again.

They insist that they have no intentions of doing that to him (yeah. right) and that this five could take it all the way to the end. Kelley Wentworth is thrilled to be part of the five and figures her work to throw Terry under the bus must be working. Keith is also stoked to be part of a five. He says he didn't have anything like that last time around. He had like two and two ain't gonna get you nowhere. Can I just mention, really quickly, they have really changed Keith's edit from last time? Last time he was spitting and had no idea what was going on ever. This season, it's a much better edit for him. They're really giving him a solid redemption edit so far. Dare I say we're starting to see the beginning of a winner's edit for Keith? I dare.


Time to check in on Bayon as they've now lost two reward challenges in a row and that can't possibly be sitting well. Oddly enough, there's no talk about the challenge, the reward or any of that. Just some more bonding time for Jeremy and Spencer. They take the little round basket boat out to do some fishing. Spencer continues with his making personal bonds narrative while suggesting that he and Jeremy could make a pretty tough force moving forward through the game. But right now, he's just excited to be actually living and enjoying Survivor rather than being so much in his own head. He catches a fish with the spear, and it's like a Survivor dream come true.

And, I guess we have to do it eventually...we're back over at Angkor now. Woo is pumped about the moral victory in the challenge today. He says that the tribe really needed it. He goes on to tell us that he's using his mom as an inspiration for his second chance. And then we join a conversation where he's telling the tribe about how his mother had a massive heart attack but got a last minute second chance of her own when a donor heart was found and transplanted to save her life. It's a very touching story (with a happy ending, thankfully) and Woo goes on to tell us how he watched his mom never give up and he doesn't plan on giving up, either.

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