Survivor Cambodia: Second Chance Recap

Episode 5: A Snake in the Grass

By Jim Van Nest

October 26, 2015

Wait, who are you again?

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First vote: Kelly. Spencer. Kelly. And here it comes: Monica. Uh oh. Monica's entire face just changed. Spencer is in shock. Kimmi looks away. Monica. Fifth person voted out of Survivor Second Chance: Monica. And boy, is she ever pissed! She says nothing, but you can see it in every step she takes up to Probst and the way she looks back at the tribe. Good thing this happened pre-jury, because that's the kind of move that creates serious fireworks at Final Tribals.

Overall, I think this was a decent move for the Bayons. Sure, they think they have that Bayon thing with all the others, but they don't know that. Further, they don't know when the tribes will get back together. Right now, they have to vote based on what they know. And what they know is that Monica was not 100% with them all (especially Jeremy and Stephen). They know that Spencer is completely down with this new tribe of his. And interestingly enough, what we saw at Ta Keo tonight was a new alliance being formed that did NOT include their former tribe mates. So, even though they don't totally know it yet, the move to dump Monica tonight was absolutely huge for them moving forward. Nice work, Pink. Nice work!


Next time on Survivor: We're talking big moves over at Bayon and it is Stephen who's talking about it. That can only mean he's thinking of joining Wigles and Spencer to dump Jeremy. There's nothing else at that tribe that would constitute a big move, so things should be very interesting.

Also, Jeff voices over that one Survivor's time in the game is about to run out. Kass tells us, "It's worse than you can possibly imagine" and Jeff is checking in on a tribe in the middle of the night. From everything you can see in the promo, someone from Ta Keo is getting med evac'd. This could be devastating and change the game like no other med-evac since Skupin fell in the fire. Whatever it is, it's sure to be please be sure you come on back next week and check it out. In the meantime, please do keep up with Ben's Power Rankings and as always, take care, folks!

Have anything you want to say? I love to talk Survivor so I'd love to hear it. Hit me up on the Twitter: @vannestjc or at

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