Survivor Cambodia: Second Chance Recap

Episode 5: A Snake in the Grass

By Jim Van Nest

October 26, 2015

Wait, who are you again?

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When tribal starts, we're reminded that four of these people have not been to tribal yet, so they have to dip their torches in the fire. After all, fire represents life in this game. Once your fire is gone, so are you. Probst starts with Stephen and asks if tribal could be a positive for them. He states that a tribal certainly does allow you to see who you can trust. Monica agrees with Jeff that the vote should go down old tribal lines. Wiglesworth agrees and hopes that her strong work ethic will keep her in the game. Jeremy believes that this is an old school mentality (wow, Jeff is really cramming the old school vs new school theme down our throats, isn't he?).

Spencer gets mentioned as the epitome of new school, but he says that for the first time in his Survivor games, he has a tribe that is a good, solid tribe and because of that, he considers this tribe his group, his people. Jeremy says that tonight's vote will be based on trust, loyalty and challenge strength. Jeff interrupts to say that this description does nothing to differentiate Kelly from Spencer. "Well, we'll see then," Jeremy replies with a laugh.


Jeff then looks to Kimmi and mentions that something else about this vote is the message that it will send to everyone else in the game. And here's where everything gets blown. No way Kimmi is gonna be able to handle this question without telegraphing who she's voting for. "Our original Bayon 10 were very cohesive. I think as long as they see it's one of the original Ta Keo, we're still good." Wow - great answer! Now, just leave it at that! And she does! Wow, Kimmi has really stepped up her game from Australia. Nice job! Monica believes that the vote is locked in.

Last question is for Stephen. Jeff asks him if emotion comes into a vote or if strategy is all that matters. And Stephen has a great answer to this question. "I think that strategy is based on emotion. And you've got to be able to build real bonds to build real alliances." Whoa, he's not just some game-bot after all. Nice job, Stephen!

And with that, it's time to vote. We see Monica's vote for Kelly, saying she hates to do it, but she thinks she could do really well in this game. We then see Kelly's vote for Spencer, saying that he's a good guy but she has to go with the numbers. Then we see Spencer's vote for Kelly, saying that she invented the phrase "I didn't come here to make friends," yet she has more friends on the other tribes than he does. The rest of the votes remain a secret and Jeff will go tally them up. Did they have the stones to pull the trigger on the Monica blindside, or was that a bunch of editor tricks to make the obvious Kelly vote seem less so? Let's check it out.

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