Survivor Cambodia: Second Chance Recap

Episode 5: A Snake in the Grass

By Jim Van Nest

October 26, 2015

Wait, who are you again?

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This is really kind of odd, considering Kimmi's big blow-up in Australia was over the tribe eating the chickens. So, it's good to see she has a different view on the food supply. She also seems to have a better view on conflict as she does a really good job of not flying off the handle. She tells us in confessional that she had to really work on not blowing up as she doesn't care for being told what to do. She does go on to say, though, that if Monica is the worst she has to deal with, then she's doing pretty darn good out here. And - cue opening theme!

And we come back from break to our first Probst sighting! Everyone gets a look at the new Angkor tribe, with Varner voted out at the last Tribal Council. No one on the other tribes really seems too shocked about that. Today's challenge is a replay of a Blood vs Water challenge that Ciera's tribe lost the last time around. One person will get into a barrel and be rolled through a course, stopping three times. At each stop, the person will get out of the barrel, jump on top of it and untie a bag of balls, then get back in the barrel. Once the tribe has all three bags of balls, they will go to the end, where one person will skee-ball six balls into six holes. First tribe to get all six balls in the six holes wins a big reward of comfort items, including chairs, pillows, blankets and a new tarp, as well as an assortment of "refreshments" when they get back to camp. Second tribe wins a little reward of a new tarp. Third tribe gets nothing.


Sitting out for Bayon will be Stephen and Wiglesworth. For Ta Keo, it's Terry and Kass. In the barrels are Woo for Angkor, Monica for Bayon and Wentworth for Ta Keo. Watching the challenge, it becomes obvious that Woo and Kelley's height is an advantage here. Monica is shorter than them and is really having to stretch to untie the ropes on the ball bags. Woo and Kelley have their third bags about the same time Monica gets bag number two. As Monica finally gets the third bag, the other tribes have begun the skee-ball portion of the challenge, with Woo and Keith taking point. If you'll recall, Keith was a stud with balls in his season, winning several challenges with his carnival game prowess.

Jeremy is now rolling balls as well and all three tribes land their first ball about the same time, so the challenge is tied. Keith and Woo both land balls two and three as Bayon starts to fall behind. Woo and Keith land ball four and Spencer tags in for Bayon and he lands three in a row to tie the challenge up at four for every tribe. And just like this, Keith reclaims his title as ball-master of Survivor as he lands five and six and Ta Keo wins big reward! So, it's down to Woo and Spencer and the young lad just can't handle the ninja stealth mode. Woo wins a tarp for Angkor. Bayon - got nothin' for ya.

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