Survivor Cambodia: Second Chance Recap

Episode 4 - What's the Beef?

By Jim Van Nest

October 19, 2015

Last name status apparently doesn't mean you get to hang around to the end.

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Woo jumps in to mention that the merge isn't happening yet, and they still have several immunities left before then. And he's right. I mean, they're at 17 right now; they'll probably merge around 12. That's four votes AFTER tonight. If they dump Woo now and keep Varner, they can just count on spending every single one of those votes at Tribal.

We seem to have gotten to the point where Varner and Woo are going to make sales pitches as to why they should stay. Varner pumps loyalty, that he’s never voted for Abi and that he is not a physical threat to anyone any more. He really hits hard on how loyal he is to Abi, which should really make Savage and Tasha nervous as hell. Woo mentions his strength and his loyalty. And for crying out loud, his loyalty cost him a million bucks last time around - why is this even up for debate?

But of course, he voted for Abi; therefore, he must be dis-loyal. Actually, Woo missed a golden opportunity to end the debate right here. All he had to say way, "Tasha, Andrew - you've seen how I play and you have my loyalty. My loyalty is with you two NOT Abi. So, there's three of us - let's just vote together and end this and let Abi do whatever she wants." But Woo isn't that quick on his feet. He's learned a lot since the first time; this is true. But he still has so far to go. Seriously, now...if they keep Varner and dump Woo, this tribe will deserve all the losses and misery they'll get. I love me some Varner and he's been great TV so far, but he has to go at this point. Well, actually, Abi has to go, but since that's mind-bogglingly NOT going to happen, Varner has to be the vote here.


With all that, it's time to vote. We see Woo vote for Jeff and Jeff vote for Woo. We see no other votes. Let's tally them up, shall we? First vote: Jeff. Second vote: Woo. Third vote: Jeff. The fourth person voted out of Survivor Second Chance, Jeff. Wow! Color me shocked! I honestly thought they were going to hang themselves on this one. Good for them. Varner was absolutely the option here. If they want to have ANY chance to win a challenge, they need every bit of Woo's strength.

Again, I hate to see Jeff go as he was fantastic this season, but it was the smart move for the tribe. I'll say this though: this tribe desperately needs a Cesternino. Someone who will gather everyone and say, "Look, we're all trying to play the game here and one person is completely off the reservation. She won't make up her mind until the absolute last minute and she'll flip at the drop of a hat. Let's get together, vote out the wild card and then play the game." Instead, I'm stuck watching Abi-Maria Television every frickin' week. I should also point out that one of my Final 4 is now out of the game. DOH!

Next time on Survivor: I have no idea what's going to happen. Keith seems to have a new Final 5 alliance on Ta Keo (remember, he was part of Jeremy/Savage/Tasha/Joe back on Bayon). Woo could end up dead to Abi-Maria and Kimmi is pissed at someone over on Bayon. In a way, I kinda like it when there's not too much shown in the previews. With that in mind, I guess I'll meet y'all back here next week so we can talk about it. 'Til then, take care!

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