Survivor Cambodia: Second Chance Recap

Episode 4 - What's the Beef?

By Jim Van Nest

October 19, 2015

Last name status apparently doesn't mean you get to hang around to the end.

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Probst sighting! Everyone gets a look at the new Angkor tribe and no one seems too shocked to see Peih-Gee gone. Odd. Anyway, today's challenge includes a long race out in the water to grab a sandbag. They'll race back and put it on the end of a teeter totter, then jump on the other end trying to land the bag in a net. There are three sandbags. First two to land all three sandbags win reward. For the first place finisher, a full on barbecue with spices, vegetables and sausages. For the second place finisher, a smaller set, some vegetables and no sausages. Third place - got nothin' for ya.

But there's a twist. Each tribe will pick one person to run this challenge, a hero challenge. Probst gives them no time to strategize and goes straight to Angkor. Not surprisingly, Savage will run for Angkor. Also not too surprising, Jeremy will run for Bayon. (I will say, though, that either Spencer or Wiglesworth would have been solid options in this challenge.) Then we get to Ta Keo, where the smart money was on Joey Amazing, but...not so fast. Terry is going to run the challenge for Ta Keo while their best all-around player sits on the bench. We'll have to see if that comes back to bite them. Survivors ready? GO!

They all take off and by about midway through the run out to the sandbags, they all start slowing down. This is gonna be a rough one. Terry and Jeremy are back first with their sandbags and as Probst comments that it'll be trial and error to get the bags into the net, Terry hits on his first try and heads back out for bag #2. Terry's almost to bag two when Jeremy finally gets his first one. Shortly after, Andrew gets his and they're all on bag two.


Terry's back way ahead of everyone else and is looking to cruise in this one. But he misses a couple times and Jeremy catches up. Then, Jeremy misses a couple times and Savage gets back with his second bag and nails it first try. And just like that, Angkor has a lead. Terry is right behind him, though, and heads out for bag three. Jeremy struggles with landing bag two, but he finally gets it and hits the water.

Terry and Andrew get back and Terry jumps first, but goes long. Andrew jumps and nails it. Angkor wins Reward!! Terry misses a couple more times, but his lead on Jeremy was just too big as he finally nails bag three right after Jeremy gets back. So, Angkor gets the big BBQ set, Ta Keo gets the little set and Bayon gets nothing. As we head to break, Andrew tells us how he feels so much vindication with this victory, like he's really contributing to his camp and his tribe.

Naturally, we come back from break as the Angkor tribe enjoys their meal and Andrew is anointed "a legend" by Woo. With some meat in their bellies, the Angkor tribe is now indestructible. Savage makes the point to us, though, that now the tribe knows they can hang with and beat the other, bigger tribes. Um, actually, no they don't. They know that YOU can beat a member of both tribes. As tribes, Angkor still doesn't stand a chance. And let's face it; if Joe had run instead of Terry, Ta Keo would have been eating sausages before you finished the challenge. I mean, I'm happy for the depleted tribe to win and all that. The way Survivor screwed them, they deserved this. But let's not go all crazy with delusions of grandeur over one Hero Challenge victory.

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