Survivor Cambodia: Second Chance Recap

Episode 4 - What's the Beef?

By Jim Van Nest

October 19, 2015

Last name status apparently doesn't mean you get to hang around to the end.

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Amazingly enough, though, the Bayon tribe fights through all of that and with Spencer's leadership, they finish the puzzle first and win immunity. After a couple minutes, Ta Keo is making good progress and Angkor is lost. In fact, they pretty well stop working on the puzzle and just sit and wait for Ta Keo to finish...which they do. Angkor will go back to Tribal Council one more time. After being asked about it, Savage sums it up pretty well by saying he put everything into this challenge and he's just spent. He can hardly even think. And you can look across the tribes and everyone seems to have that same feeling. (To confirm this - you should check out some of the secret scenes that CBS has posted where just about everyone comments that this was the hardest physical challenge they've ever done on the show.)

We come back from break to the Angkor tribe, naturally. As they get back to camp from the challenge, Varner has a very pronounced limp. During the puzzle portion, he dropped one of the pieces on his foot and apparently did some damage. As Savage is lamenting yet another loss, he asks Varner about his foot, and apparently the pinkie toe took the brunt. Tasha tells us that she and Savage seem to have fought their way from the bottom to the top of this tribe, but when they're relying on Abi, it's hard to feel comfortable. She and Savage confirm with each other that Varner is the one that has to go.

We join Varner and Woo on the beach discussing how it's one of them tonight. Jeff says that now that Abi has flipped, there's not a lot they can do. He tells us, though, that he does have a chance to stick around again. He has never voted for Abi and has always been with her, so he's hoping maybe that will get him another couple days and send Woo home tonight.


There it is, ladies and gentleman, the adorable baby monkey climbing a tree. I love that frickin' monkey. And his cuteness is SO needed when I'm stuck with a final act chuck full of Abi-Effing-Maria every week. For my recap's purpose, this is actually kinda nice. Anyone who reads this thing every week knows I'm um...wordy? Anyway, this week I get a break on all this pre-Tribal game because I'm not going to recap the Abi nonsense. I'll sum up. "We want to vote out Varner." "But Woo voted for me." "Varner can't walk and Woo can win challenges." "But Woo voted for me." Rinse, repeat, rinse repeat. Let's just get to Tribal, shall we?

We get to Tribal and the first topic is the injury to Varner's foot. He says it's pretty bad but he keeps thinking about the people who voted for him to be here and that helps keep him focused. Jeff asks Woo if this injury is a reason to vote Jeff out of the game. He says that he and Varner are on the bottom, so the injury could help him stay in the game. Savage admits that it would be better to keep Woo for the tribal portion of the game, but he's not sure he wants to have to go against Woo in the individual game, so it's something to think about.

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