Survivor Cambodia: Second Chance Recap

Episode 4 - What's the Beef?

By Jim Van Nest

October 19, 2015

Last name status apparently doesn't mean you get to hang around to the end.

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And we come back from break to a Probst sighting! Guess I won't have to wait too long to find out if the Bayon tease actually happens. Today's challenge is a rough one. One caller will direct the rest of their blindfolded tribe around a course with huge puzzle pieces scattered around. They will have to find their pieces and bring them back to the starting point one at a time. Each tribe has 16 pieces in varying sizes, but all weighing in at least 50 pounds. Once all of the pieces are collected, they'll use them to put together a 3-D square puzzle. First two tribes to finish win immunity and are safe from the vote tonight. The third tribe has a date with Probst at Tribal Council where another person will be voted out of the game.

First up, Monica for Bayon and Ciera for Ta Keo will sit out of the challenge. Next, the tribes choose their callers. Jeff will call for Angkor, Kimmi for Bayon and Kass for Ta Keo. When the challenge starts, it's a complete cluster of yelling and insanity. As pieces are starting to come back, it becomes obvious that Keith needs a hearing test. He's like 10 feet away and can't hear Kass screaming right at him. Meanwhile, Terry is just walking in circles with no directions at all. At some point, Angkor is leading with 11 pieces, while Bayon has 10 and Ta Keo only 7. For Ta Keo, Joe has decided to go off on his own and is grabbing pieces by himself, while the other tribes are using two and sometimes three people to carry pieces.


As Jeff talks about the physicality of this challenge, we get a montage of people running into pieces, dropping pieces on each other, and tripping over pieces. It's amazing no one has been med-evac'd yet - which brings to mind how stupid this challenge really is. Spencer took a huge fall and looked like he could have been seriously hurt. What happens if he's med-evac'd right there and they lose their most popular player over a stupid blindfold challenge? It blows me away that they're willing to risk it just one season after a player got her head cracked open on a very similar challenge.

Anyway, while I've been soapboxing, Joe has put Ta Keo in the lead with 15 pieces while the other two tribes have 14. As we see Savage roll a piece right into Spencer's shin and ankle, Ta Keo gets its 16th piece and begins work on the puzzle. Angkor is right behind and then Bayon. Everyone is working on their puzzle now. It's a cube that has their flag design on it, so it's not a difficult image, just difficult in scope as the pieces are very big, very awkward and very heavy. It's about a gazillion degrees in the middle of the day with no shade at all. So, everyone is pretty well tapped out.

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