Survivor Cambodia: Second Chance Recap

Episode 4 - What's the Beef?

By Jim Van Nest

October 19, 2015

Last name status apparently doesn't mean you get to hang around to the end.

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We wake up on Day 11 for our first look at Ta Keo and I have to say, this is one of my all-time favorite Survivor scenes, in retrospect. It's early in the morning and Kass is the only one awake. She's quietly removing beads from her torch and from her bag. The voiceover is Kass telling us about her miserable social game and how she's working on improving it. She knows how to play the game, but didn't do so well playing the people. As she fiddles around with the beads and string, she tells us that she knows that she was the first on many people's list, but she's working really hard to be pleasant and get along with everyone.

As Kass gets all the materials she'll need, Kelley wakes up and sees what she's doing. She tells us that she can't trust someone who nicknamed herself "Chaos Kass." When Kass heads to the beach, Kelley decides to interrupt her little idol building workshop. Kelley approaches, and Kass straight up tells her, "No. Go the other way," and continues on. Kelley knows Kass has something up her sleeve and she isn't falling for it.

When Kass returns to the shelter, she holds out the box her new buff came in and wishes Kelley a happy belated birthday. Inside is a necklace made from Ta Keo and Bayon beads, which Kass says is a good luck charm for today. Kelley even admits that she thought Kass was making a fake idol. I guarantee you that Kass knew EXACTLY what she was doing. She knew how it would look and what people would think. I think this is actually a pretty decent little move here. She showed her tribe with this one gesture that she's not Chaos Kass anymore. She's new and improved. She's a team player...and while Bayon was her first love this season, she's now in love with Ta Keo. She's wicked smart and I'm thrilled to see her finally using those smarts for good.

Speaking of Bayon, let's see how it's going over there. Jeremy asks Spencer how tight he is with Wiglesworth. He answers honestly, "She voted for me. I was next to go." He tells us that being down in the numbers 4-2, he has to do whatever he can to get Kelly under the bus to gain him three more days in this tribe. He tells Jeremy and Stephen that he most definitely would vote for Kelly if he had to. He says that there are people on the other tribe that own her vote - Terry, Woo and Varner to be specific. Spencer is doing his best to let the new Bayon tribe know that he has no one to run back to, while Kelly has a full alliance waiting for her in the merge.

We now join Spencer and Monica (wait, there's a Monica on this season?) at the water hole. He's breaking down the tribe dynamics for her now and she's not buying it as much as the guys were. Even though he's 100% telling the truth, his reputation has her concerned that he'll say anything to stay in the game. She's actually thinking of working with Wiglesworth in order to keep the girls around and get rid of some of the guys. She tells us that her plan is to get rid of Spencer at the first opportunity. Wait a second - did we just go to commercial break with Bayon talking strategy? Are they actually suggesting that a tribe other than Angkor actually loses immunity? Well consider my interest in the next challenge piqued.

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