The Amazing Race Season 27 - Episode 1 Recap

A Little Too Much Beefcake

By Kim Hollis and David Mumpower

September 28, 2015

Good riddance.

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Cindy & Rick are checked into the Pit Stop in third, which means #TeamAlabama somehow fell behind them. Phil asks Denise if she put lipstick on before she got to the mat, and she tells him she absolutely did! That’s… something.

#TheReporters have joined the “reporters” (aka #TeamTMZ) at the puzzle area, while Alex & Adam and Ernest & Jin will be playing a bit of footvolley. #The Dancers say that the two people they’re playing against aren’t even “normal people.” They definitely look pretty overwhelmed on the court. #ThePaparazzi have also arrived for a little bit of sand footy. They are the first ones to get to six points and are off to the Pit Stop.

We haven’t forgotten about Justin & Diana yet, but they are reduced to begging a cab driver to take them to their next destination, because they’ve run out of cash. A kindly gentleman takes pity on them and they are moving forward, even if there is theoretically no hope. We say “theoretically” because we’re still just at the 36-minute mark, which means a lot can still happen.

Oh, yeah. Remember the cheerleaders? They’re apparently in the race, too, because their taxi driver has effectively just stopped at Copacabana Beach and told them to get out. They’re telling him they need to find the Amazing Race flag, but he’s not having it, so they’re just going to be running up and down the beach until they find the right spot. When they ask someone how far they have to go, the guy’s answer is “too far.”

Perhaps all is not lost for our superfans, after all.

Logan & Chris are checked in as team number five, while Justin chants a mantra hoping that some other teams will be on the beach when they arrive. He’s pleasantly surprised to see several of them there, and he and Diana rush off to their puzzle.

The cheerleaders have finally arrived at the beach area – and they look absolutely exhausted. #TheReporters are frustrated with the puzzle and decide to switch to the footvolley challenge instead.

Alex & Adam win their match, which demoralizes Ernest & Jin, who might have made some erroneous assumptions based upon differences in their physical appearance. “Don’t underestimate the little people,” they say.

Like #TeamTMZ over at the puzzle, the cheerleaders are now getting the goofy sound effects during their footvolley match. One of the girls breaks down in tears as the other one whines about being five foot nothing (what was that #TheDancers were saying about the little people?). We’re 45 minutes into the first episode and we’ve already had two teams crying.

When Alex & Adam check in, Phil reminds them (as if they needed it) that one team will be winning a million dollars. Naturally, they say it will be them, because what else are they going to say?


#TheReporters win their sandvolley match, and arrive on the mat at the same time as #TheDancers. Everyone in this non-eliminated bunch is all smiles. Justin & Diana have decided to switch from the puzzle to sandvolley; conversely, the cheerleaders have moved over to the puzzle.

Shockingly, Justin & Diana turn out to be pretty darned good at sandvolley. It’s probably at least partly a trick of editing, but he gets in some good shots, while Diana is able to score the game-winner. Needless to say, they’ve had a big turnaround in this episode.

So, now we’re left with the cheerleaders and #TeamTMZ. Since one is annoying and the other relishes in being mean, we’ll just say that society wins no matter who loses.

At this point Kelly & Shevonne are just moving pieces around aimlessly. They note that the guys they work with always underestimate them, so losing in the first leg will be particularly humiliating. We’d say they probably deserve it, but the guys they work with are probably terrible people, too.

At the Pit Stop, Justin is back to crying again. He says he’s “still confident, but definitely not cocky.”

And despite #TMZ wondering whether the cheerleaders were there to “look good or do good”, Tiffany & Krista complete the puzzle first. The two of them are checked in as team #10, which means that Phil is kind enough to come visit Kelly & Shevonne just as they are finishing their puzzle. He informs them of their elimination, and we have our third crier of the day. At least now they can go back to covering the important news items, like Kardashians and Caitlyn Jenner.

“Do you think this is a karma thing, Shevonne?”

“Maybe we should be nicer.”

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves.

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