The Amazing Race Season 27 - Episode 1 Recap

A Little Too Much Beefcake

By Kim Hollis and David Mumpower

September 28, 2015

Good riddance.

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After a lot of face-planting on the dock, the racers are off to the airport. Justin & Diana are hoping that their early advantage will take them all the way to winning the leg and the Express Pass. Since all of the other teams are bunched up waiting for the second plane (a rare early bunching for the show), Kelly & Shevonne show us exactly why they probably fit in perfectly at TMZ. They basically say something terrible (or borderline offensive) about all of the other teams. They might think it’s clever or smarmy or funny, but what it really looks like is insecurity.

Once the teams arrive in Rio, they’ll need to make their way to the Lagoa Helipad for their first clue. As it turns out, the first plane arrives 20 minutes late and the second plane is five minutes early, so that big-time advantage means absolutely nothing. You can even see them side-by-side with some other teams at the airport. Thanks for nothing, Amazing Race!

The teams battle it out for taxis, and #TheGreenTeam does arrive first at the clue box. Surprisingly, there is already a Fast Forward, but it comes with a warning. Apparently the task is weather-dependent, so it’s a risk to go for it. Justin & Diana figure that they may as well take advantage of their first place positioning and try to get all the way through to the Express Pass. #ChacAttack (aka Cindy & Rick) figure it’s too precarious to follow them, because the wind is pretty high.


The Fast Forward is called “Leap of Faith,” while the first clue of the race sends the other teams to a helicopter ride. They must pay attention during their flight, because they will have to answer a question at the end. Once again, the teams are bunched, with only the skill of the taxi drivers determining positioning.

When Justin & Diana arrive at the Fast Forward, they learn that the wind is solidly in the danger zone. “Red flag is very dangerous. We cannot fly.” Justin asks how long it might be, and the pilot tells them it could be hours before going and shutting the business down completely. As Justin says, “We just killed ourselves.” Remember what we said about them being eliminated? Sorry, guys. We might be bad luck.

As they’re in the taxi to head back to the copters, Justin is in tears. He feels all the responsibility for their misfortune, but Diana tells him they still have so much to do and not to worry about it. He’s a superfan of the Race, though, so he is taking it way harder than your average contestant probably would.

All of the teams feel overwhelmed by the famous Christ the Redeemer statue when they pass it by, which is probably a good thing since that’s going to be the answer to the question they’ll be asked at the end of their flight. Indeed, Cindy & Rick get the question correct (and in Portuguese, to boot!). Next up is the Detour, which gives them the option of Sand or Sidewalk. For “Sand,” teams will have to play “Footvolley” against some pros. In case you’re wondering what footvolley is, it’s a combination of soccer and volleyball. Because of course it is. Anyway, they’ll have to score six points before the pros score 18. Also, the Racers will have a slight “advantage “in that they’ll be allowed to use their hands.

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