The Amazing Race 26 Recap

Episode 5: Get in That Lederhosen, Baby

By Kim Hollis and David Mumpower

April 6, 2015

I came on this show for love. I didn't get love.

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On her second try at the courtship song, Aly succeeds easily. They’re sent to Lake Spitzingsee for a Pit Stop. As always, the last team to check in may be eliminated.

Several teams are at the Detour, and Jenny & Jelani, Jackie & Jeff and Laura & Tyler will all pick “Stack.”

Hayley & Blair almost get to the final table with their beer when Hayley basically drops every bit of it on either the floor or her boobs. She’s going to reek of beer for days.

Remember Matt & Ashley? They have arrived and will attempt Stein. Ashley seems more determined and better equipped for the task than Hayley, who is suggesting to Blair that they should swap to Stack.

Matt & Ashley complete the Stein challenge on the first try, which sets Hayley off a bit. When Blair tries to help her by telling her what she was doing wrong on the first two attempts, she berates him. Hayley says he’s only telling her stuff she already knows and calls him “Captain Obvious.” We just want to give Blair a hug.

Time for a local severe weather update again! It’s raining. And thundering. All sound and fury.

We haven’t missed much (if any) show, because we’re back to Hayley & Blair, who finally agree to move to Stack. They provide a stark contrast to the happy team of Steve & Aly, who Phil Keoghan checks in as Team #1. The two of them each will win one of those cars they were driving earlier, but since we’re not paid for product placement here, we’re not going to talk about make and model.

Ashley takes the courtship song Road Block and fails miserably on her first try. She is now soaking wet.

As they begin the “Stack” challenge, Jeff & Jackie are all smiles again. The earlier fight is a distant memory. They also knock their beer crates down pretty quickly and must begin again. Jelani & Jenny get further but also wind up with their crates on the ground. The same thing happens to Hayley & Blair (naturally).

Mike & Rochelle are still driving around Germany somewhere.

Although she’s probably cold and miserable, Ashley still manages to successfully complete the courtship song, which means that she and Matt are headed to the Pitstop and will be checked in as Team #2.


All of the teams at Stack continue to struggle. Blair seems to find a method that will work, but Hayley botches the whole thing again. We’re confident she’ll scream at him like it’s his fault.

Bergen & Kurt have reached the 50 minute mark of their penalty when Mike & Rochelle finally make their drive through the winter wonderland. The producers of the show aren’t even trying to create tension tonight.

Jeff & Jackie are the first team to finish the Stack challenge, while Laura & Tyler and Jenny & Jelani aren’t far behind. Hayley is in danger of throwing a temper tantrum, but Blair finishes his stack quickly, and they are headed toward the Pitstop as well.

Probably an hour after Rochelle & Mike leave, Bergen & Kurt finally can move forward as they have received their clue.

As would be expected given the closeness with which the teams finished the Stack challenge, several of them are bunched together at the singing task. Jackie gets a face full of water for her efforts, but she laughs about it. You’d think Jenny would be mad about the water, but she takes it in stride. Laura gets the bucket, too.

Jackie actually has a beautiful voice, and she gets it right on the second try. Jenny’s voice is less lovely, but she still receives her clue. Blair completes the song on his first attempt.

Mike & Rochelle are at the Stack challenge and we’re betting this takes them a while. Meanwhile, Laura has successfully wooed Tyler, and they’re following the other teams to the Pitstop.

Jeff & Jackie finish the leg in third place, followed by Blair & Hayley and Jelani & Jenny. Blair admits that while he had committed to finishing the race no matter the personality traits of his blind date, there have been a lot of times during the race where he’s wanted to “run away.” Laura & Tyler join them on the mat as well.

Bergen & Kurt are taking a train for some reason. Mike & Rochelle are still stacking. No one really thinks it’s close at all between them. The latter team finishes Stack and will move on to the singing task. Mike handles it with aplomb, and although it’s dark and cold when they arrive, they are still in the race.

Effectively, Bergen & Kurt have quit. Phil goes to find them at the train station and inform them that they have been eliminated from the race (in genuinely humiliating fashion). The good news for the guys is that they’ll no longer have to “enjoy” each other’s company. They say they’re friends, but we’d be surprised if they ever speak again.

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