The Amazing Race 26 Recap

Episode 5: Get in That Lederhosen, Baby

By Kim Hollis and David Mumpower

April 6, 2015

I came on this show for love. I didn't get love.

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As they leave, Blair tries to find out what’s going on with Laura & Tyler, but Hayley yells at him some more. When they leave, Tyler says, “Good luck.”

Bergen & Kurt have located a taxi and are jealous of its automatic transmission.

Back at the Detour, Steve & Aly have chosen Stein. It’s not as bad as it first sounded, as each team member must carry 11 (22 for each pair). Despite a close call with a dancing beer drinker, they are able to get their mugs to the table on the first try. It’s a dominant leg for the Olympians so far. They receive a clue that tells them to drive to the Markus Wasmeier Museum.

Jeff & Jackie are debating what to do with Tyler’s fanny pack. Jackie is clearly thinking about something nefarious, which makes sense because Tyler & Laura are a solid team.

Over at the winter wonderland area, Bergen & Kurt are about to have their hopes and dreams smashed to pieces. They obviously can’t complete the challenge to drive their car in reverse through the wonderland if they don’t even have a car. They have a two-hour penalty, and will have to hope that Laura and Tyler are unable to locate their bag (which contains passports and cash).

The Markus Wasmeier Museum is in an idyllic setting. The clue asks, “Who wants to woo?” In keeping with the romantic theme this season, the person who does this Road Block will have to perform a “German act of courtship.” The task will have one team member learning a German tune. If they can sing it correctly, they’ll receive their next clue. If not, they’ll get a bucket of water dumped on them.


Aly takes the Road Block for their team. She worries because she’s not a good singer, but Steve is confident in her abilities.

Hayley & Blair are somehow in second place and have chosen to do the Stein task.

When Jackie & Jeff arrive, Laura & Tyler are thrilled. They ask the duo if they’ve seen a fanny pack, and Jeff & Jackie both say no. Undeterred, Laura & Tyler check the back seat of the car and find their missing bag. Jeff & Jackie are too busy trying to move through the winter wonderland to care.

Jenny & Jelani are now about to take their drive through the “snow,” while Aly is taking her first go at the courtship song. She messes up and is shocked when she gets showered with water.

Back at the Stein challenge, Blair is carrying 14(!) mugs while Hayley manages eight. Naturally, she’s the one who drops her beer and the two of them are sent back to start over. The locals who are celebrating Oktoberfest laugh at them hard.

Mike & Rochelle are… who knows where they are? They’ve stopped for a gas station for snacks. They probably think that they are hopelessly in last place, but we still think they’ll bypass Bergen & Kurt before the leg ends.

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