The Amazing Race 26 Recap

Episode 5: Get in That Lederhosen, Baby

By Kim Hollis and David Mumpower

April 6, 2015

I came on this show for love. I didn't get love.

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And indeed, Steve & Aly’s discovery of the GPS in their vehicle has led them to reach Schlafwagenfabrik in first place. They now will have to drive their car in reverse through a winter wonderland that has been staged within the building. As they maneuver through the scenery, they’ll need to use their rearview camera to help them piece together their next clue.

They have no trouble with this task at all, and find the bits and pieces that lead them to uncover a clue that says “Schliersee.” Laura & Tyler have arrived on the scene, but as they’re about to start the winter wonderland challenge, they realize that Tyler has left his bag behind in the other car. Tyler says that the only thing they can really do is complete the challenge and then wait for the car with their bag to arrive.

Steve & Aly are indeed off to Schliersee, where they’ll seek out their next clue. Laura & Tyler have the answer correct as well, but they’re now in wait and see mode as they’re hoping that Jeff & Jackie will be kind enough to return Tyler’s bag to them. To Jeff & Jackie’s credit, they both realize that their fight was stupid, and apologize to each other. The makeup sex should be terrific later.

Poor Bergen is back to being unable to drive the stick shift, and he and Kurt decide that they will get a taxi and take a penalty if need be. It’s going to be an extra bad penalty since they need their car to complete the winter wonderland task. Kurt hasn’t really given up, but these two are in real danger of being eliminated because neither of them could be bothered to learn how to drive a clutch.


Jenny & Jelani are subdued, mainly because it hasn’t been going well for them since the prior leg. Jenny encourages Jelani to take his time, and even though they’re struggling, they’re not melting down. Mike & Rochelle are utterly lost.

Having now arrived at Schliersee, Steve & Aly must row a boat out to a wreath where several clues are hanging. It’s time for the Detour – Stein or Stack. For Stein, each team has to figure out how to carry 22 steins all at once. If they can deliver all their mugs without dropping any, they’ll receive their next clue. For Stack, they’ll have to stack 15 beer crates without them falling down. Both options look difficult.

We haven’t seen much of Matt & Ashley tonight, but they’re in second place. Hayley & Blair pull up in a blue car like the one Laura & Tyler are waiting for, but they quickly realize it’s not the right vehicle. Hayley bitches at Blair for even pausing to talk to another team. She refuses to show him the clue, as she’d rather boss him around. Tyler jokes that he’d rather be waiting around for someone to show up with his bag than have to be with Hayley. He’s not wrong.

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