The Amazing Race 26 Recap

Episode 5: Get in That Lederhosen, Baby

By Kim Hollis and David Mumpower

April 6, 2015

I came on this show for love. I didn't get love.

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Once teams arrive at the Alter Peter Tower, they’ll have to climb to the top and look down at the ground to discover marked cars. They’ll choose one of these vehicles to drive to Schlafwagenfabrik (thank goodness for captions). After an exhausting climb, Laura & Tyler see their cars right away and begin their descent of the tower to get back to ground level. Jeff & Jackie are right behind them.

Laura is designated driver for her team, and she either doesn’t know how to drive a clutch or she kills the car. They decide to take one of the others, but Tyler leaves his bag behind. If they’re lucky, one of their fellow racers will bring it to them.

Blind daters Bergen & Kurt and Hayley & Blair arrive at the top of the tower together and have sighted their vehicles. Even though Jeff & Jackie saw the marked cars from the top of the tower, now that they’re on the ground they’re having trouble getting their bearings.

As Blair struggles with the stick shift, Hayley needles him, saying that they have to get away before other teams see them. Of course, this comment comes right after they tell Bergen & Kurt to follow them. Hayley is… erratic.

Still, Bergen & Kurt can’t follow if they don’t know how to drive a manual transmission. You’d think that people would learn this skill prior to competing on The Amazing Race. You always need to be able to drive a clutch. Bergen simply has no idea what to do, and Kurt obnoxiously tells him, “The first time I get freaked out, I’m getting out.”


This allows Matt & Ashley to slip past them, along with Steve & Aly. Jeff & Jackie, Jenny & Jelani and Mike & Rochelle are all trying to find the marked cars. Eventually, Jeff & Jackie find a car, and it happens to be the one where Tyler left his bag behind. That’s not important, though, because they’re in full-on fight mode. Jackie is mad at Jeff for “cutting her off” while they searched for the cars, while he seems equally annoyed. Folks, this is why you’re supposed to wait for the third date.

After a break to be warned about severe weather in the area, we rejoin the battling pair. Jeff tells Jackie to “shut up,” which we’re sure is going over great. Mike & Rochelle and Jenny & Jelani are the last to find their cars but at least neither of these teams is fighting.

Steve realizes that the car he is driving has GPS, which should help lead them to their destination that much sooner. Bergen has finally figured out how to get the car moving, and asks Kurt for help with directions. That involves, like, effort and stuff, so Kurt is irritated.

Cut to Hayley & Blair, and we’re really starting to feel sorry for Blair. Hayley is barking orders at him again, telling him he’s awful and that he’s pissing her off. We see a little piece of him die with every minute he spends with her.

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