The Amazing Race Season 26 Recap - Episode 4

The Great Amazing Nasty Race

By Kim Hollis and David Mumpower

March 16, 2015

He's better at singing than snookering.

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Previously on The Amazing Race, there was a marriage proposal! Yes, Matt asked Ashley to marry him in front of Phil Keoghan and all of the other teams except Harley & Jonathan. She said yes, Bergen & Kurt gave up their date night to the newly engaged couple, and much presumed happiness ensued.

Unfortunately for the aforementioned Harley & Jonathan, dumb airport shenanigans meant that they got on a much later flight than the other teams, which put them in a distant last place for the leg. Yes, it was a non-elimination leg, but it seems as though they are so far behind that the opportunities to catch up are going to be slim. We’d like nothing more than to be proven wrong, because Harley & Jonathan are one of the most likable teams the race has ever seen.

We start tonight’s episode with a review of Matt & Ashley’s date night on the beach in Phuket, Thailand. Some fire dancers perform for them, and they enjoy some champagne…

…But enough of that mushy stuff. Mike & Rochelle are ready to leave, and their departure time is 3:26 a.m. They are instructed to fly to Bangkok, which means we’re going to have a Murray Head earworm all night. Once their flight arrives, they must proceed to a Buddhist temple known as Wat Yannawa, where they will retrieve their next clue.


Mike & Rochelle feel like their victory on the last leg was a surprise to the other teams, but also say that they feel like they are doing really well because they haven’t fought at all yet. They note that some of the “blind date” teams are struggling with the stress of getting to know each other, which is starting to play in the favor of the teams who have been together for some time. We don’t know about that assessment, as so far some of the “blind date” teams seem pretty strong, but Rochelle’s assertion does make logical sense, at least.

The next team away from the Pitstop is Hayley & Blair, who are about 25 minutes behind Mike & Rochelle. She is still griping at him about all the things he got wrong in the previous leg. A lesser person would probably have blown up at Hayley by now, but Blair somehow just manages to either tune her out or let it roll off his back. He says he’s trying to let her have some control and let her be accountable for either their mistakes or their success – it doesn’t matter to him which one.

One minute behind them are Jenny & Jelani, and Jenny sure hasn’t let up any in the intensity department. She’s yelling at their driver, who she says is driving slower than a moped ahead of them. Jelani says that Jenny is a Type A personality like a lot of other lawyers he knows, but he wants to be sure that he’s doing his part to move them forward in the race. That might be the most words we’ve heard him string together consecutively so far, which just goes to show how dominant a team member Jenny has been.

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