The Amazing Race Season 26 Recap - Episode 4

The Great Amazing Nasty Race

By Kim Hollis and David Mumpower

March 16, 2015

He's better at singing than snookering.

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For the first stop on “Water,” the teams are required to stop at a market and eat a thousand-year-old egg. We think Anthony Bourdain might have eaten one of those once. They are… disgusting. Tyler says that they look like Jello shots but really, they just look like brown slime. Laura gags, and Tyler agrees that they’re awful.

Over at “Wheel,” the teams are a little better off, as their task is to play a bit of snooker. All they have to do is hit the red ball in the pocket. This is obviously the better option over eating gross brown stuff.

Tyler continues to describe the taste and consistency of the “egg,” which is enough to make Laura nearly toss her cookies again. They eventually choke down their eggs and are rewarded with a clue that instructs them to choose an apprentice to help them make a traditional offering at Wat Paknam. When the offering is complete, a monk will give them their next clue.

Matt & Ashley stop for their egg, but they don’t choose the thousand-year-old type. They still gag on it, though, possibly because Tyler & Laura have conditioned them to do so.

Bergen & Kurt get to the right egg vendor and talk themselves through the eating process. They are nice enough to talk Matt & Ashley through the eating process, but the guys have very little problem with their eggs. Ashley, on the other hand, is even more grossed out than Laura was.

Jenny continues to mope because she does not handle losing well. She knows that she and Jelani are ahead of Harley & Jonathan, but she wants to win. It’s that attorney conditioning, we’re sure.


Speaking of Harley & Jonathan, they’ve finally arrived in Bangkok (and the world’s your oyster). They figure the other teams are two hours ahead of them, and although their attitude is good, their situation seems hopeless.

Matt & Ashley finish their eggs. If you like the sound of gagging, this is the episode for you. Meanwhile Mike & Rochelle and Steve & Aly have arrived to eat their disgusting delicacy. The latter team has no trouble with the task, and Mike & Rochelle seem to finish easily as well.

Back at the snooker table, both Jeff and Hayley are able to sink their balls (huh huh, huh huh) and are given their clue for their next task along with a glass container of milk. They’re headed to the Caturday Café, which frankly sounds like the greatest place ever in the history of man. But we’re cat lovers.

Hayley notes that Blair was impressed with her pool shot and says that she performs better when she’s angry. Blair makes a face, his 1000th of the night.

Tyler & Laura have arrived to do their traditional prayer, an activity that they both appreciate for its cultural significance and thoughtfulness.

Harley & Jonathan, aka Team Futility, have at last arrived at their Speed Bump at the 26-minute mark of the episode. They must each make a sort of origami grasshopper with river reeds. Oh, well. At least they’ll have a cute souvenir to take home.

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