The Amazing Race Season 26 Recap - Episode 4

The Great Amazing Nasty Race

By Kim Hollis and David Mumpower

March 16, 2015

He's better at singing than snookering.

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Bergen & Kurt begin their prayer, and Matt & Ashley and Steve & Ali are moments behind them. The teams each receive a fortune, and Bergen & Kurt’s tells them that they are “Not likely to find a good mate at this stage.” Brutal. Fortunately for them, they’re not in denial about any potential for a relationship, which actually means they can dedicate themselves that much more to winning the race.

Harley & Jonathan are crafting their grasshoppers, and although the editors of this show have done everything they can to make us think that Jenny & Jelani are struggling enough to allow #TeamNewKid to catch up, we’re not buying it. Jenny berates Jelani as they make their way to the snooker parlor in a tone very reminiscent to that that Hayley was taking with Blair earlier. Some of the blind daters have gotten past the need to impress and are reminding us why these kind of setups usually fail.

Mike & Rochelle have completed their prayer and receive a fortune that tells them they may find a person who is their match. Awww.

Now, we head over to the delightful Caturday Café, where Hayley & Blair feed their new kitty friends some cream (“it’s called ‘cweam!’”). This is possibly the easiest task anyone has ever had to do on The Amazing Race. Jeff & Jackie appear to be right behind them.


Jonathan says that he’s terrible at arts and crafts, but he and Harley have finished their grasshoppers and are on their way to their tuk tuk. Jenny & Jelani are still trying to put a red ball in the pocket, and the latter finally makes it happen. They’re off to feed some kitties.

This episode seems to be going on forever, but we’ve still got a Road Block to get through. The clue asks, “Who is feeling clutch?” The challenge sends them to an area where auto mechanics work. The contestant will have to remove the transmission from a faulty engine block and search for a screwdriver left inside of it. The screwdriver will come with a clue. Tyler takes it for his team, and although he’s never done anything like this, he says his family has experience with cars.

Jenny has suddenly realized that she’s going to a cat café, which means she’s about to come into contact with… you guessed it, a bunch of cats. She is deathly afraid of cats for some reason, and she sits as still as she can while they wait for their furry friends to drink their fill of cream.

Tyler gets the transmission torn apart, and all his clue tells him is that they need to head to a “Metal Castle.” They also get this week’s “date,” which will send them on a dinner cruise. Their cab driver seems to know where they’re going, so we’ll leave them and go visit Steve & Aly and Bergen & Kurt, who are working on their transmissions. Matt & Ashley and Hayley & Blair have also arrived on the scene.

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