The Amazing Race Season 26 Recap - Episode 4

The Great Amazing Nasty Race

By Kim Hollis and David Mumpower

March 16, 2015

He's better at singing than snookering.

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Steve finds his screwdriver (and clue), but the cab driver they approach has no idea where the “Metal Castle” is. Matt is next, but once again their cab driver has no idea what they mean. Steve & Aly ask a nearby local what the clue might mean, and she indicates the Pitstop is within walking distance.

Tyler & Laura’s driver has dropped them… somewhere, but it’s definitely not the “Metal Castle.” Instead, they’re at some sort of metro station, but a kindly attendant points them in the right direction. So now, they’re headed back the way they came.

Bergen and Blair get their clues at the same time, while Jeff is just getting started on his search. Matt & Ashley have no idea what to do to find the Pitstop, so they just take off running for some reason. Bergen & Kurt and Hayley & Blair are smart enough to ask for help, and they’re all smiles as they get into a cab with the actual Thai name written out for them.

Matt & Ashley are wandering through the Road Block area thinking that the Pitstop is there, screaming, “Where’s Phil?” They seem to be waaaaaaaaaaaay off track.

Steve & Aly begin to worry that they’re in the wrong spot, and a local points them the right way again. They’ll need to hail a taxi.

Oh, right. Harley & Jonathan are still in the race (for now). They play snooker (poorly), but at least they seem to be enjoying themselves.

Rochelle and Jelani join Jeff at the car transmission area. None of them have any idea what they’re doing. Rochelle finds her clue first. The guys (and their corresponding female partners) are annoyed.

Finally we arrive at the Pitstop, and Bergen & Kurt are first to arrive. They’re shocked and thrilled, and they’ve also won a trip to Puerto Vallarta. Bergen hopes this win energizes Kurt. Next to arrive are Hayley & Blair and then Steve & Aly.

Harley & Jonathan are at the Caturday Café, and Jonathan happens to be allergic to cats. He basically holds his breath while they feed the felines.


Tyler & Laura are checked in at the Pitstop as Team #4, which is a bit of a disappointment considering the big lead they had throughout this leg.

Jelani has finally found his clue, and it’s a race between the other teams to find the Pitstop location. Jackie & Jeff find a guy who has a light bulb go off, while Rochelle & Mike also seem to be on the right track. Matt & Ashley are still wandering around, but they enlist the help of Jenny & Jelani. Jenny marches into a store and asks for help, and they are also sent to the Pitstop with what appears to be good directions.

Jonathan takes the Road Block for #TeamNewKid, and isn’t it adorable how the editors of this show keep trying to convince us there is any hope for them whatsoever?

Jenny tells Jelani that they need to lose Matt & Ashley because they would lose to them in a foot race. She finds them a cab and they take off, which leads Matt to call Jenny a curse word.

Jelani points out that finishing five minutes ahead of Matt & Ashley when neither one of them is finishing in last place is a dumb play. They might need the other team’s help at some point down the line. Jenny defensively states that it’s a race and that’s it.

We’re back at Transmission World, and Jonathan finds the clue directing them to the Pitstop. Sigh.

Jeff & Jackie and Mike & Rochelle are checked in as Teams #5 and #6. Jenny & Jelani join them on the mat. Phil says he senses some tension between them, but they put a positive spin on it and manage smiles.

It’s down to Matt & Ashley and Harley & Jonathan. Jonathan hopes an engine fell on someone’s foot.

But of course, it did not. Harley & Jonathan are the last team to arrive for the second leg in a row and have been eliminated from The Amazing Race. They’re positively lovely in defeat. We’ll miss them completely.

And now we take a two week break as March Madness is upon us. See you back here in April!

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