Survivor: Worlds Apart - Episode 3 Recap

Crazy Is As Crazy Does

March 12, 2015

Persecution complex is a rough thing.

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Hello, good people, and welcome back to Survivor: Worlds Apart. We're two weeks in and in my estimation, this season is living up to its pre-season hype. So far it's a great cast of characters and some interesting game play. When you can lose a gold mine like Vince at the two-hole and still look around the island and see plenty of entertainment, you know casting has done their job for S30.

So, previously on Survivor, everyone got naked, Will got exhausted, Joe got exposed (no, not like that) and Vince got the #blindside. To expound on Joe; he's playing a very good game. His social game is phenomenal as everyone but Vince can't help but gravitate toward the guy. His challenge game is Ozzie-like. His strategy, however...not so sure. He was right to target Nina as they need their tribe to be stronger. But you can't overplay by splitting a vote when you obviously don't need to. Further, you don't split the vote with someone you don't trust. And he didn't trust Will. He essentially lost the game last week, but was given a get out of jail free card by Nina. Let's see if Joe learns from his mistake or just assumes that all is well in his world.

Also, since I know this was a burning question from last week: when washing dishes down at the ocean, the tide can come in and splash all the way up your legs. And when you're not tall, that means it's likely to go all the way up to your waist. Also, sleeping in wet drawers sucks. So, in order to keep her skivs dry for night time sleep and since nekkid rules the day at White Collar, that's why Shirin went with the odd fashion choice of bra and bottomless. It's all practical, Tyler. Jeez, man!


Promised tonight is a further meltdown of Mike and the Blue Collars as he refuses to sit down until he has ALL the wood in the forest. As it is, they have enough wood to keep the fires burning through Survivor 32. Boston Rod and the girls are not happy about this. Meanwhile, looks like the No Collar girls will be hitting the waves. I sure hope they invite Nina this time.

We start the episode with the No Collars as they get back from Tribal, and the talk is about how Vince was really stirring the pot. Also, Joe does not trust Will after that vote, but ultimately it went okay. Nina then addresses the tribe, saying she knows she's next to go and she doesn't want to be treated like an outsider. But she does it in such an antagonistic way, all she really accomplishes is to alienate herself further. Jenn is done with her and even Will seems to be over her.

The sun rises at White Collar and the monkeys, who have been without anyone to talk to since Jon Misch got voted out last season, have found a conversationalist in Shirin. But the monkeys have other plans in mind, if you know what I mean. That won't stop Shirin from watching and then coming back to camp to report to the rest of the tribe that she just watched "monkey sex." Really? This is what we've devolved to? Carolyn, who appears to be the only voice of reason on this tribe tells us that Shirin is nuts. She doesn't understand how Shirin works in corporate America. Tyler tells us that she's annoying the entire tribe right now and it's painting a black X on her back. Cue the credits!

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