Survivor: Worlds Apart - Episode 3 Recap

Crazy Is As Crazy Does

March 12, 2015

Persecution complex is a rough thing.

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We come back from break to check in with Blue Collar. Discussion has turned to what they all want around camp. Rod wants food. The girls want comfort so they can get some sleep. Mike wants food and Dan just wants to be part of the group. He feels like he's in better standing with the tribe now and that he learned his lesson about mouthing off too much. And he shows us by jokingly calling Rod's mother a *bleep*. Well, Rod doesn't like for people to call his mother a *bleep*. So he shoots back.

Kelly...wait a minute? There's a Kelly on the show? Anyway, she tells us that she's surprised by how emotional the Blue Collars are. Also she tells us that, as a cop, she likes to lay low and assess. She didn't jump into the argument and it worked itself out. Mostly. Rod tells us Dan is digging a deeper and deeper hole out there. Honestly, they were joking back and forth and Dan, I guess, went too far. Frankly, I enjoy a good "your mama" war, so I'd have come right back at him. Rod, on the other hand, really thinks that Dan is calling his mom a *bleep*, so he's public enemy #1 now. Whatever. Kelly's right, you big sissies!

Back at No Collar, Jenn and Hali decide to surf. So they find some big flat pieces of drift wood to use to go surfing. There are no signs of Nina, so the girls haven't learned anything yet. Jenn is having an absolute blast out there and can't understand why people take this game so seriously. Honestly, if there's such a thing as a winner's edit, Jenn might be starting to get it.


Oh, wait a minute, forgot about Joe. While the girls surf, Joe is hunting lizards. He tells us that things feel much better around camp. He's enjoying his role as provider for the tribe. He takes Nina aside and tries to convince her that she's a part of the tribe. He wants her to have fun with the rest of the tribe. She tells us that they're a little more free-spirited than she is. And we see this as the tribe eats lizard, but Nina is little too grossed out to take any.

Time to check back in with White Collar. Everyone's looking for the idol. Well, Joaquin, Shirin, Tyler and Max are anyway. Carolyn is back at camp knowing there's no idol out there. After a while, Shirin suggests that they call a truce on the idol search until after the next challenge. Joaquin thinks she's annoying and untrustworthy. Meanwhile, he's shown the idol clue to Tyler. Of course, he knows Carolyn has the idol. He appreciates Joaquin showing him the idol. He feels like they're united now. Tyler tells us that Shirin has worn out her welcome with everyone on her tribe and if they were to lose the challenge, she would likely be the first name on everyone's list to write down.

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