Survivor: Worlds Apart - Episode 3 Recap

Crazy Is As Crazy Does

March 12, 2015

Persecution complex is a rough thing.

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Over at Blue Collar, we get a montage of Mike working. He tells us that he was taught to always work hard. But the rest of the tribe doesn't seem to share his work ethic and he feels Rodney is the worst. So, he kinda jumps Rodney about getting some stuff done. Rod does not take too kindly to that. He says he's happy to get work done, but that they don't need to work every minute of every day. He says he'll go get some wood when he's ready to. He doesn't feel he has to be on Mike time. He's shaky and weak from lack of food and wants to finish eating. After that, he'll go help. He says Mike doesn't have to act like his father out here.

And I have to admit, Rod has a point. That being said, I'm pretty sure that every fifth word out of your mouth doesn't really have to be "bro," does it, Rod? Anyway, every season, there's the crazy workaholic who not only can't stop working, but can't stand to see someone else not working. Mike is this season's, which bums me out a bit as he was my preseason pick to win. Dude, chill out and have some rice.

Next we see Dan and Rod walking off together. I guess they patched up the mother thing. Anyway, Dan tells Rodney he had no idea he wasn't feeling good. He tells Dan that no one tells him what to do. That's why he works for himself. He goes on a little rant about Mike and Texas and everything. One of the interesting things I'm seeing on all of these tribes this season is there are a lot of people who actually want to have some fun out there and enjoy this experience. More so than in recent seasons, for sure.


Anyway, as Rod comes back to camp with an armful of fire wood, Mike is telling the girls that he got real frustrated yesterday because he feels like he's busting his ass and that he's not getting the respect from them that he gives them. Lindsey wants Mike to tell her when he thanks them for doing stuff. She says that they've done a bunch of work today and all he can do is come back and keep bitching at them. She continues on, asking him about all the stuff they've been doing including tending the fire. He kinda shrugs that one off, which gets Lindsey going about the fact that Mike's God didn't come down and light the fire. She mentions this because Mike has Psalm 121 tattooed on his back.

Mike tells us that he was pretty offended by that comment, and that it actually kinda hurt his feelings. Back at camp, he reiterates that if trying to get people to get work done ends up sending him home, then send him home. Probably not the best way to go, but whatever works for ya, bro.

Now that Shirin and Mike have alienated themselves from their tribes, it's time for a Probst Sighting!! Today's challenge is an interesting one. The tribes will have to carry a big bucket through an obstacle course. At the end of the course, they'll fill the bucket with water. They'll then have to bring the bucket back through the course and then fill up another bucket. Oh yeah, did I mention that the main bucket is full of holes that they'll have to try to plug? First tribe to finish wins immunity and a huge comfort package including chairs, blankets and a tarp. Second place gets immunity and a tarp. Last place gets a date with Jeff at Tribal. Blue Collar sits Lindsey out of this one.

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