Survivor: Worlds Apart - Episode 3 Recap
Crazy Is As Crazy Does
March 12, 2015

Persecution complex is a rough thing.

Hello, good people, and welcome back to Survivor: Worlds Apart. We're two weeks in and in my estimation, this season is living up to its pre-season hype. So far it's a great cast of characters and some interesting game play. When you can lose a gold mine like Vince at the two-hole and still look around the island and see plenty of entertainment, you know casting has done their job for S30.

So, previously on Survivor, everyone got naked, Will got exhausted, Joe got exposed (no, not like that) and Vince got the #blindside. To expound on Joe; he's playing a very good game. His social game is phenomenal as everyone but Vince can't help but gravitate toward the guy. His challenge game is Ozzie-like. His strategy, however...not so sure. He was right to target Nina as they need their tribe to be stronger. But you can't overplay by splitting a vote when you obviously don't need to. Further, you don't split the vote with someone you don't trust. And he didn't trust Will. He essentially lost the game last week, but was given a get out of jail free card by Nina. Let's see if Joe learns from his mistake or just assumes that all is well in his world.

Also, since I know this was a burning question from last week: when washing dishes down at the ocean, the tide can come in and splash all the way up your legs. And when you're not tall, that means it's likely to go all the way up to your waist. Also, sleeping in wet drawers sucks. So, in order to keep her skivs dry for night time sleep and since nekkid rules the day at White Collar, that's why Shirin went with the odd fashion choice of bra and bottomless. It's all practical, Tyler. Jeez, man!

Promised tonight is a further meltdown of Mike and the Blue Collars as he refuses to sit down until he has ALL the wood in the forest. As it is, they have enough wood to keep the fires burning through Survivor 32. Boston Rod and the girls are not happy about this. Meanwhile, looks like the No Collar girls will be hitting the waves. I sure hope they invite Nina this time.

We start the episode with the No Collars as they get back from Tribal, and the talk is about how Vince was really stirring the pot. Also, Joe does not trust Will after that vote, but ultimately it went okay. Nina then addresses the tribe, saying she knows she's next to go and she doesn't want to be treated like an outsider. But she does it in such an antagonistic way, all she really accomplishes is to alienate herself further. Jenn is done with her and even Will seems to be over her.

The sun rises at White Collar and the monkeys, who have been without anyone to talk to since Jon Misch got voted out last season, have found a conversationalist in Shirin. But the monkeys have other plans in mind, if you know what I mean. That won't stop Shirin from watching and then coming back to camp to report to the rest of the tribe that she just watched "monkey sex." Really? This is what we've devolved to? Carolyn, who appears to be the only voice of reason on this tribe tells us that Shirin is nuts. She doesn't understand how Shirin works in corporate America. Tyler tells us that she's annoying the entire tribe right now and it's painting a black X on her back. Cue the credits!

We come back from break to check in with Blue Collar. Discussion has turned to what they all want around camp. Rod wants food. The girls want comfort so they can get some sleep. Mike wants food and Dan just wants to be part of the group. He feels like he's in better standing with the tribe now and that he learned his lesson about mouthing off too much. And he shows us by jokingly calling Rod's mother a *bleep*. Well, Rod doesn't like for people to call his mother a *bleep*. So he shoots back.

Kelly...wait a minute? There's a Kelly on the show? Anyway, she tells us that she's surprised by how emotional the Blue Collars are. Also she tells us that, as a cop, she likes to lay low and assess. She didn't jump into the argument and it worked itself out. Mostly. Rod tells us Dan is digging a deeper and deeper hole out there. Honestly, they were joking back and forth and Dan, I guess, went too far. Frankly, I enjoy a good "your mama" war, so I'd have come right back at him. Rod, on the other hand, really thinks that Dan is calling his mom a *bleep*, so he's public enemy #1 now. Whatever. Kelly's right, you big sissies!

Back at No Collar, Jenn and Hali decide to surf. So they find some big flat pieces of drift wood to use to go surfing. There are no signs of Nina, so the girls haven't learned anything yet. Jenn is having an absolute blast out there and can't understand why people take this game so seriously. Honestly, if there's such a thing as a winner's edit, Jenn might be starting to get it.

Oh, wait a minute, forgot about Joe. While the girls surf, Joe is hunting lizards. He tells us that things feel much better around camp. He's enjoying his role as provider for the tribe. He takes Nina aside and tries to convince her that she's a part of the tribe. He wants her to have fun with the rest of the tribe. She tells us that they're a little more free-spirited than she is. And we see this as the tribe eats lizard, but Nina is little too grossed out to take any.

Time to check back in with White Collar. Everyone's looking for the idol. Well, Joaquin, Shirin, Tyler and Max are anyway. Carolyn is back at camp knowing there's no idol out there. After a while, Shirin suggests that they call a truce on the idol search until after the next challenge. Joaquin thinks she's annoying and untrustworthy. Meanwhile, he's shown the idol clue to Tyler. Of course, he knows Carolyn has the idol. He appreciates Joaquin showing him the idol. He feels like they're united now. Tyler tells us that Shirin has worn out her welcome with everyone on her tribe and if they were to lose the challenge, she would likely be the first name on everyone's list to write down.

Over at Blue Collar, we get a montage of Mike working. He tells us that he was taught to always work hard. But the rest of the tribe doesn't seem to share his work ethic and he feels Rodney is the worst. So, he kinda jumps Rodney about getting some stuff done. Rod does not take too kindly to that. He says he's happy to get work done, but that they don't need to work every minute of every day. He says he'll go get some wood when he's ready to. He doesn't feel he has to be on Mike time. He's shaky and weak from lack of food and wants to finish eating. After that, he'll go help. He says Mike doesn't have to act like his father out here.

And I have to admit, Rod has a point. That being said, I'm pretty sure that every fifth word out of your mouth doesn't really have to be "bro," does it, Rod? Anyway, every season, there's the crazy workaholic who not only can't stop working, but can't stand to see someone else not working. Mike is this season's, which bums me out a bit as he was my preseason pick to win. Dude, chill out and have some rice.

Next we see Dan and Rod walking off together. I guess they patched up the mother thing. Anyway, Dan tells Rodney he had no idea he wasn't feeling good. He tells Dan that no one tells him what to do. That's why he works for himself. He goes on a little rant about Mike and Texas and everything. One of the interesting things I'm seeing on all of these tribes this season is there are a lot of people who actually want to have some fun out there and enjoy this experience. More so than in recent seasons, for sure.

Anyway, as Rod comes back to camp with an armful of fire wood, Mike is telling the girls that he got real frustrated yesterday because he feels like he's busting his ass and that he's not getting the respect from them that he gives them. Lindsey wants Mike to tell her when he thanks them for doing stuff. She says that they've done a bunch of work today and all he can do is come back and keep bitching at them. She continues on, asking him about all the stuff they've been doing including tending the fire. He kinda shrugs that one off, which gets Lindsey going about the fact that Mike's God didn't come down and light the fire. She mentions this because Mike has Psalm 121 tattooed on his back.

Mike tells us that he was pretty offended by that comment, and that it actually kinda hurt his feelings. Back at camp, he reiterates that if trying to get people to get work done ends up sending him home, then send him home. Probably not the best way to go, but whatever works for ya, bro.

Now that Shirin and Mike have alienated themselves from their tribes, it's time for a Probst Sighting!! Today's challenge is an interesting one. The tribes will have to carry a big bucket through an obstacle course. At the end of the course, they'll fill the bucket with water. They'll then have to bring the bucket back through the course and then fill up another bucket. Oh yeah, did I mention that the main bucket is full of holes that they'll have to try to plug? First tribe to finish wins immunity and a huge comfort package including chairs, blankets and a tarp. Second place gets immunity and a tarp. Last place gets a date with Jeff at Tribal. Blue Collar sits Lindsey out of this one.

Right off the bat, White Collar jumps out to a lead and Will is already slowing down No Collar. As they start filling up the bucket, Joe sends Nina ahead to help her get through the obstacle course. When they get back, they mostly miss their end bucket. Blue and White Collar are doing pretty well. Jeff cannot understand why Nina is not taking part in the challenge. He mentions it several times. He also points out that Will is really slowing down. White and Blue are real close to winning, but they both fall just short. No Collar is getting closer, but not in time as Blue Collar wins the challenge followed by White Collar. So, while Shirin and Mike have put huge targets on their backs, neither will have to go to Tribal. Instead, it's the No Collar tribe, which means...'s time to play "it's anyone but Nina." When they get back to camp, Joe apologizes to the tribe for costing them the challenge. He tells us he screwed her over today and feels bad for what he did. He takes full responsibility and apologizes to Nina in front of the whole tribe. Will's trying to give Joe a pep talk, telling him that they did the right thing and that they aren't there to make friends. Nina talks to Will and gets the impression that she's all alone out there. So, she decides to head to the other three to see about striking a deal. She asks them if they'll vote for Will tonight. Joe feels like he wronged Nina in that challenge and I think he's considering making it up to her with this vote. Jenn points out that Will has sucked in two challenges in a row and she doesn't trust him. Hali agrees with her and seems to be leaning toward voting out Will. They're not thrilled with Will or Nina in the challenges, but Jenn points out that Nina is a "wet blanket" over the tribe. Still, it seems that Will is the vote heading to Tribal. Let's see if that holds.

Jeff wants to talk about the last Tribal. He says that Vince didn't seem to be the only one surprised. Will admits that he changed things up to get rid of Vince. Joe says that trust is a big deal and that you only get a couple chances to prove that you're trustworthy. Jeff then asks Joe what the strategy was in sending Nina ahead. He says again that he screwed up and cost them the challenge. Jeff then asks Nina about the fact that her tribe didn't think she could perform in the challenge. She says that the rest of the tribe seems to think that she can't do anything because she's deaf. Will disagrees with that. He says no matter how many times they pull her aside and try to give her a pep talk; it always comes back to her hearing. I actually agree with this as well. She's the older lady and the kids don't want to hang out with Mom. She throws a fit about it and alienates herself further. Rinse and repeat.

Jeff asks Joe about this and he says that he feels Nina is misunderstanding them as much as she feels misunderstood. His mom worked with deaf people and he has been around them most of his life. He would never judge someone based on being deaf. Jeff then goes to Will to ask him about being pretty winded during the challenge. Will says he was really bad in the last challenge and he took responsibility for it. But he felt that today's challenge was a team lost. Nina all of a sudden chimes in that they'd be crazy to keep Will. He's losing them challenges and they haven't even given her a chance to show what she's got. Jenn tells her that she's been emotionally weak, though. This is hard on everyone and they're all going through something, not just Nina.

Jeff asks Hali if maybe Nina isn't really No Collar. Hali says it doesn't seem like she is. When Jeff asks Nina about it, she says that she used to manage people. She was very White Collar and that when she lost her hearing that changed. She says she still seems to have that White Collar mentality. Hali then suggests to her that if she really wants to fit in with this tribe, she needs to go a little more with the flow. Nina says she wants to be a part of the tribe and she thinks she can learn to go with the flow.

And with that, it's time to vote. We see Nina's vote for Will and Will's vote for Nina. Otherwise, everything else is a secret. As much as I'd like to see them give Nina a chance, I have a feeling she's a goner. Time to read the votes. First vote: Nina. Second: Will. Third: Will. Fourth: Nina. Third person voted out of Survivor Worlds Apart - Nina. I think the writing was on the wall on this one. For whatever reason, be it age disability, mentality, Nina just never really fit in with the tribe. And with this group, it's about the vibe in the tribe. They'd rather be weaker than have that negative energy in the camp. I can't say I completely blame them. However, there is no place for Will to hide after this one. This was the buffer he left himself when he changed his vote to Vince last week. For the rest of the game, Will's playing without a net. And for the record, Hali voted for Will. Joe and Jenn voted for Nina.

Next time on Survivor: Lindsey picks another fight, this time with Boston Rod. And we have the blindfold, walk in pairs, run into shit and hurt yourself challenge. And it seems that in the middle of the challenge, one of the ladies is bleeding, and Jeff has to pause the challenge. Oh yeah, and it's a special two-hour episode! Woo Hoo!! Be watching for Ben Willoughby's Power Rankings next week and I'll see you right back here for Episode 4! 'Til then, take care!

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