Survivor: Worlds Apart - Episode 3 Recap

Crazy Is As Crazy Does

March 12, 2015

Persecution complex is a rough thing.

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Right off the bat, White Collar jumps out to a lead and Will is already slowing down No Collar. As they start filling up the bucket, Joe sends Nina ahead to help her get through the obstacle course. When they get back, they mostly miss their end bucket. Blue and White Collar are doing pretty well. Jeff cannot understand why Nina is not taking part in the challenge. He mentions it several times. He also points out that Will is really slowing down. White and Blue are real close to winning, but they both fall just short. No Collar is getting closer, but not in time as Blue Collar wins the challenge followed by White Collar. So, while Shirin and Mike have put huge targets on their backs, neither will have to go to Tribal. Instead, it's the No Collar tribe, which means...'s time to play "it's anyone but Nina." When they get back to camp, Joe apologizes to the tribe for costing them the challenge. He tells us he screwed her over today and feels bad for what he did. He takes full responsibility and apologizes to Nina in front of the whole tribe. Will's trying to give Joe a pep talk, telling him that they did the right thing and that they aren't there to make friends. Nina talks to Will and gets the impression that she's all alone out there. So, she decides to head to the other three to see about striking a deal. She asks them if they'll vote for Will tonight. Joe feels like he wronged Nina in that challenge and I think he's considering making it up to her with this vote. Jenn points out that Will has sucked in two challenges in a row and she doesn't trust him. Hali agrees with her and seems to be leaning toward voting out Will. They're not thrilled with Will or Nina in the challenges, but Jenn points out that Nina is a "wet blanket" over the tribe. Still, it seems that Will is the vote heading to Tribal. Let's see if that holds.

Jeff wants to talk about the last Tribal. He says that Vince didn't seem to be the only one surprised. Will admits that he changed things up to get rid of Vince. Joe says that trust is a big deal and that you only get a couple chances to prove that you're trustworthy. Jeff then asks Joe what the strategy was in sending Nina ahead. He says again that he screwed up and cost them the challenge. Jeff then asks Nina about the fact that her tribe didn't think she could perform in the challenge. She says that the rest of the tribe seems to think that she can't do anything because she's deaf. Will disagrees with that. He says no matter how many times they pull her aside and try to give her a pep talk; it always comes back to her hearing. I actually agree with this as well. She's the older lady and the kids don't want to hang out with Mom. She throws a fit about it and alienates herself further. Rinse and repeat.

Jeff asks Joe about this and he says that he feels Nina is misunderstanding them as much as she feels misunderstood. His mom worked with deaf people and he has been around them most of his life. He would never judge someone based on being deaf. Jeff then goes to Will to ask him about being pretty winded during the challenge. Will says he was really bad in the last challenge and he took responsibility for it. But he felt that today's challenge was a team lost. Nina all of a sudden chimes in that they'd be crazy to keep Will. He's losing them challenges and they haven't even given her a chance to show what she's got. Jenn tells her that she's been emotionally weak, though. This is hard on everyone and they're all going through something, not just Nina.


Jeff asks Hali if maybe Nina isn't really No Collar. Hali says it doesn't seem like she is. When Jeff asks Nina about it, she says that she used to manage people. She was very White Collar and that when she lost her hearing that changed. She says she still seems to have that White Collar mentality. Hali then suggests to her that if she really wants to fit in with this tribe, she needs to go a little more with the flow. Nina says she wants to be a part of the tribe and she thinks she can learn to go with the flow.

And with that, it's time to vote. We see Nina's vote for Will and Will's vote for Nina. Otherwise, everything else is a secret. As much as I'd like to see them give Nina a chance, I have a feeling she's a goner. Time to read the votes. First vote: Nina. Second: Will. Third: Will. Fourth: Nina. Third person voted out of Survivor Worlds Apart - Nina. I think the writing was on the wall on this one. For whatever reason, be it age disability, mentality, Nina just never really fit in with the tribe. And with this group, it's about the vibe in the tribe. They'd rather be weaker than have that negative energy in the camp. I can't say I completely blame them. However, there is no place for Will to hide after this one. This was the buffer he left himself when he changed his vote to Vince last week. For the rest of the game, Will's playing without a net. And for the record, Hali voted for Will. Joe and Jenn voted for Nina.

Next time on Survivor: Lindsey picks another fight, this time with Boston Rod. And we have the blindfold, walk in pairs, run into shit and hurt yourself challenge. And it seems that in the middle of the challenge, one of the ladies is bleeding, and Jeff has to pause the challenge. Oh yeah, and it's a special two-hour episode! Woo Hoo!! Be watching for Ben Willoughby's Power Rankings next week and I'll see you right back here for Episode 4! 'Til then, take care!

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