Survivor Worlds Apart - Episode 1 Recap, Part Two

By Jim Van Nest, Survivor Analyst

February 27, 2015

Ah, the permanent shame of being first boot.

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So tells us that she doesn't like it to have come out this way, but "the bottom line is, the four of us are very strong." Whoa, wait, what? Joaquin lays it out: Tyler, Max, Joaquin and So. Carolyn is pissed. And here we go! She knows that as the older woman, she's a target. she's just shocked to hear them come right out like that at Tribal. So tries to justify it and get everyone on her side by saying that Carolyn and Shirin are the weak links on the tribe. Carolyn, "Why, because you could open a few knots?" She says that any of them could have opened some knots.

Tyler, though, does agree that they were in the lead on that challenge because of So. And now So goes on the sales pitch and talks about what a team player she was and how she showed it in the challenge. She then attacks Carolyn as not stepping up and not doing anything. Carolyn isn't taking any of that and talks about how she's just as athletic and works her ass off in camp. As all this was going on, Shirin lets out the infamous, "The game is afoot." Ah...I love when Survivor fans play Survivor!! And with that, it's time to vote.


We see Carolyn's vote for So saying that she's been a liar from day one and she hopes it's So instead of her. The next vote we see is So's vote for Carolyn saying that they need to keep the tribe strong. The smug look on So's face is just so irritating. And it's going to be glorious when Carolyn pulls out that immunity idol and sends her home first. Can't wait for it. Jeff's tallied the votes and he asks about immunity idols. Here it comes, best premiere episode ever! Um... wait, what? She's NOT playing her idol? Are you kidding me? Wow! Time to read the votes: Carolyn. So. Carolyn. So. Two votes a piece. Fifth vote: So. First person voted out of Survivor 30, So. WHOA!! After having to pull out of Survivor 29 and then getting recast on S30, to go out first has to hurt. But dammit, she should have known better than to take the idol clue.

Next time on Survivor: the White Collar tribe becomes a nudist colony as Max is naked in the ocean and Shirin is bottomless on the beach and Nina is taking on the entire tribe. In tears, she says that she thought they would make her feel like she belonged.

And that'll do it for the premiere of Survivor Worlds Apart. Overall, this episode did not disappoint. I thought this would be a great cast and I was not wrong. We're gonna have a lot of fun with this group, I think. I've had a blast over the last couple days getting back into Survivor mode and I cannot wait to chronicle the rest of this season. 'Til next time, take care!

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