Survivor Worlds Apart - Episode 1 Recap, Part Two

By Jim Van Nest, Survivor Analyst

February 27, 2015

Ah, the permanent shame of being first boot.

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We join Mike and Dan on the beach in one of the more disturbing scenes in the history of the show. Dan has stripped down to his speedo style drawers. As a guy who's about Dan's size, that's a definite no-no. You don't wear something like that, especially when you might be on TV. C'mon Dan, help us out here!! You can tell that Mike isn't thrilled with the way Dan was acting, but he's his only friend right now. I think Mike will cut him loose ah the first opportunity.

Checking in with the Nos again, MacGyver Joe is now making a fire. This catches Jenn's attention. When asked how he knows how to make fire, Joe says, in a statement that ALL FUTURE SURVIVORS SHOULD HEAR, "Actually, I saw this on YouTube and I did it every day before I came out here." After the cluster of last season, to hear things like this makes me so happy. Jenn is pretty stoked and a little smitten, I think. So she is all over him about this fire. And a couple minutes later, as promised, Joe starts the fire.


Through all the flirting between Jenn and Joe, Vince is the jealous husband all of a sudden. He pulls her aside and asks her if she feels more of a connection with Joe. She tells him she is not playing the flirt game. Vince is legitimately jealous. To her credit, Jenn does her best to console him and confirm that they are locked in as a duo. She turns it around on him by saying that he's starting to freak her out right now. Vince tells us he thinks she's fake. As they walk back, he asks her for a good hug. Which she gives him and which he holds extraordinarily long. Remember when I suggested that Dan's speedo was one of the more disturbing scenes in Survivor? Well, now it's #2. This is just weird and uncomfortable. Jenn tells us he needs to stop being so paranoid and he can't be hugging her forever. "We smell bad!"

We join the Whites and the shelter is sort of built. Tyler tells us that it's not good and he had a horrible night's sleep last night. While Tyler's talking about how they need to just dig deep and get to work. So's talking about an action plan. We cut to the attempt to make fire and they can't get it. Tired of watching them NOT make fire, Joaquin and So decide that it might be time to go look for an idol. Carolyn is like hawkeye on them. She knows they lied and that thinks they are making it very obvious they're looking for something. She tells us that she's watched plenty of Survivor and she knows the types of places they would hide an idol. So she uses the general area of their searches to look for obvious Survivor hiding places. And whadaya know, she digs down in a funky tree and there's an idol. So while So and Joaquin are still searching based on the clue they received, Carolyn has taken it out from under them without anyone else in the game knowing. So she now HAS an idol, but the rest of the tribe will think So and/or Joaquin will have it. Brilliant.

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