Survivor Worlds Apart - Episode 1 Recap, Part Two

By Jim Van Nest, Survivor Analyst

February 27, 2015

Ah, the permanent shame of being first boot.

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We come back to White Collar and it's time to play, "It's anyone but Shirin." Everyone is a little dejected with having to vote someone out so quickly. Carolyn tells us that she knows it's going to be a woman, and her girl Shirin could be in trouble.

Some folks go off to get water, which allows for some strategy talk at camp. Max starts by complimenting So on her challenge performance. He says that he thinks the vote is pretty straightforward tonight. So suggests that it should be Carolyn instead. She feels that Carolyn will never step up to take a leadership role in anything and that she did nothing in the challenge. To her that's worse than Shirin stepping up and failing. So works on Max, then Tyler and then Joaquin. Carolyn is worried that they may target her because she's the oldest. Carolyn point blank asks So and Joaquin if she's on the block tonight and they both horribly lie to her face. Hell, Joaquin gives her his New York Word on it. Someone call Jeff Kent. What's worse: the New York Word or the Four-Finger Handshake?

To her credit, again, Carolyn knows they're lying again and she has set her sights on So. Tyler makes the move to come see Carolyn and let her know that her name has come up and that he's not down with that. He asks her what she knows about hidden idols. She ends up telling him that she has the idol, so she's not worried about anyone else having it. Carolyn sees Shirin about voting So and Shirin is down. Max has been with them from the beginning, but he's analyzing which vote is better for his game. He does not like how So played the bean/idol situation. He tells the girls that it all depends on "the big man," meaning Tyler. Max is with them, but they have to get Tyler on board. Considering that he's the one that came to Carolyn, something tells me he'll be down.


Can I just say for a moment that the shift here is really impressive? This game is "it's anyone but Shirin" and now, by some strange force, she's not even on the chopping block anymore. Wow!

Max and Tyler break it down. They like what So does in the challenges, but she's untrustworthy and that doesn't bode well later in the game. Tyler tells us that his decision is further complicated because he knows that Carolyn has an idol. The logical move would be to get rid of her and her idol. Either way, he tells us that someone is going to be really surprised tonight at Tribal.

Speaking of Tribal, it is time to dip your torch in the fire. As you know, fire represents your life in this game. When your fire is out, so are you! He starts by talking about the dilemma and goes right to Joaquin. Joaquin lays out their lie for Jeff as well. Shirin, when asked, calls him on his bullshit. She nails it on the head. Max says he's not angry or disappointed with them. He would have probably done the same thing, but he'd have lied better.

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